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Dear Editor,

The recently published piece “Re-setting the bar” (March 2018 issue) about the legal sector as a whole was a great read and as comprehensive as any I’ve read in a long time. The article provided a different outlook on the current Indian firm setup. I appreciate the effort gone into making such a good article, which was required to understand the existing work culture in the Indian legal sector.

It is heartening to read that firms and employers are going an extra mile to ensure that work-life balance is maintained and there is no concern about security for women lawyers who work late. The thoughts of the higher-ups in the article provide a perspective on what lies ahead and that firms are serious about retaining resources. There seems to be a common thread among employers on bringing aboard and retaining talented resources. After all, human resource is an asset that appreciates over time.

The chart at the end of the article was an interesting and fantastic idea. It objectively summarized the broad cultural nuance of the legal sector. I am certain it must have helped many firms to understand the work culture of their peers and perhaps review their own policies. It is encouraging to see that Phoenix Legal among other tier 1 law firms checked all the boxes in the chart.

The goal is to provide a suitable environment for women to fulfil their professional dreams despite social and domestic pressures. Women-oriented projects and family-friendly policies should be created keeping in mind the growth opportunities that women lawyers forgo because of their family and social obligations.

We cannot deny that we have made significant progress but there is still a long way to go. We should keep learning from each other and progress as a community. Publications like yours could be a guiding light on the current challenges faced by the sector and to also celebrate the obstacles crossed.

I sincerely hope that India Business Law Journal brings such fresh topics all year round.


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