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Celebrating Asia's top transactions and the law firms that made them happen

2017… What’s ahead?

Asia's best legal minds explore the landscape in Year of the Rooster

Just relax

We analyze foreign investment in China under a new administrative regime

Canned soup?

What future is there for trade agreements in the wake of the collapse of the TPP?


Architect in-house

AIIB's legal architect shares his plans

Brakes on Brexit?

Tired of Brexit? Get prepared while you wait

Where there’s smoke

Tobacco brand bans: Where do you stand in this IP debate?

Total control

Singapore legal sector lopes forward despite some sizeable setbacks

On track

Infrastructure in Asia: what's hot and why


Prevention, relief measures for risk in outbound M&A

By Echo Liu, Boss & Young
PRC enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or state-backed SOEs, started outbound mergers and acquisitions (M&A) a long time ago, after China’s President Xi Jinping put forward the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) strategy, and in the meantime there has been an “asset shortage” in mainland China. PRC enterprises, especially...

Less for more: Thailand’s government backs digital services

By Harit Na Pomberja, Silk Legal
In September 2016, Thailand’s government officially introduced the country’s new economic model known as “Thailand 4.0” with immediate effect. Unlike the previous economic model, which focused on heavy industries, export promotion and inbound foreign direct investment, the Thailand 4.0 model was developed under the “less for more” philosophy, focusing...

Key issues and a possible fix for capital call financing

By Stacey Overholt and Lorraine Pao, Maples and Calder (Hong Kong)

Contractualization issue far from simple in the Philippines

By Neptali B. Salvanera, ACCRA Law offices

Singapore’s conduit to overseas opportunities

By Ronnie Tan, Central Chambers Law Corporation

Personal data protection within electronic systems

By Ahmad Jamal Assegaf & Indra Pambudy, Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo

Foreign fund access still uncertain under new policy

By Elaine Luo, AllBright Law Offices

India’s unique solutions for IP compensation

By Pravin Anand & Raunaq Kamath, Anand and Anand

Due diligence vital for reward in India’s power sector

By Wang Jihong & Liu Ying Zhong, Lun Law Firm

‘Shared economy’, challenges of India’s employment laws

By Anshul Prakash & Vinay Joy, Khaitan & Co


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