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Asia Business Law Journal - November / December 2018

Volume 3, Issue 3



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Asia Business Law Journal – November/December 2018

Ringing up legal spend

Billing rates: How much is too much?


All aboard the tax ‘train’

By Benedicta Du-Baladad, BDB Law
Jude Scott, Cayman Finance feature pic 2

Thinking outside the box

Opportunities available to companies that utilize offshore structures in the Cayman Islands


Legal Frontiers in the Philippines

The frontiers of complex existing and emerging areas of law in the Philippines are changing

Cayman Islands regulatory lawyers discuss business opportunities in Cayman Islands

Legal frontiers in the Caymans

The first in a series exploring cutting edge issus in various jurisdictions


Fintech: Offshore regulations and trends in Asia

By Fiona Chan, Alison Thomson and Prabha Sasidharan, Appleby in Hong Kong

TISE launches green segment

Offshore investors can utilize the International Stock Exchange, including its newly launched green market