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Yuasa and Hara

Total number of professionals: 76
Number of partners: 30 Number of associates: 46
Principal office: Tokyo

Firm overview

Founded in 1902, Yuasa and Hara is one of the oldest and largest law firms in Japan. Our firm is also a pioneer in multidisciplinary practice, consisting of a legal division, a patent division, a trademark & design division and an accounting division, with many professionals specializing in a variety of areas.

While each division functions independently as a legal firm, patent firm and accounting firm, our members also closely cooperate with each other to provide complete and multiple intellectual property services to our clients both in Japan and overseas.

Since the early days of Yuasa and Hara, when Dr. Kyozo Yuasa, a Barrister-at-Law and the founder of Yuasa and Hara Tokyo office, started handling of international cases in 1920s, the provision of expeditious international services for our clients both in Japan and overseas has been the core value of our firm’s practice.

To sustain and enhance this capacity, we have always valued international cooperation with overseas law and patent firms and have established a strong global network.

We have built up alliances with overseas reliable law firms, especially in connection with corporate legal and IP cases, through TerraLex, covering more than 16,000 lawyers from over 100 countries, and Europe-based Unilaw.

In addition to these private alliances, members of our firm actively engage in international associations relating to law and IP such as AIPLA, AIPPI, ALAI, APAA, FICPI, INTA, IPBA and LES, thus building close relationships with foreign lawyers and patent attorneys.

Key practice areas

Anti-trust and competition law; commercial transaction and deals; company crisis management and response to scandals; corporate and M&A; dispute resolution; finance; intellectual property; IT and internet; labour; law on drugs and medical devices; personal information protection; product liability; real estate transaction.

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