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Federis & Associates Law Offices

Total number of professionals: 7
Number of partners: 2 Number of associates: 5
Principal office: Makati

Firm overview

Federis & Associates (FEDERIS) is a boutique law firm in the Philippines, one of only a handful of firms that practices exclusively in the field of intellectual property. Despite its small size, it has earned a reputation comparable to, and even exceeding, those of other top-tier firms in the country. The firm boasts a team of highly-qualified lawyers, licensed patent and trademark agents, engineers, paralegals, and technical staff, who combine their expertise in different areas of intellectual property law with a CULTURE OF SERVICE® to meet the needs of their clients.

The firm offers a full complement of services in all areas of IP law, including patents; trademarks; copyrights; designs; IP litigation; anti-counterfeiting and enforcement; and licensing, due diligence, and contract review.

FEDERIS handles cases for both local and foreign clients from a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, electronics, hospitality, automotive, internet, and technology.

Key practice areas

Intellectual property


成立于 1998
专业人员总数: 7
合伙人人数: 2 律师人数: 5
主要办公室: Makati


Federis & Associates (FEDERIS)律师事务所是菲律宾的一家精品律师事务所,是少数几家专门从事知识产权业务的律师事务所之一。虽然规模较小,但FEDERIS律师事务所已经赢得了比得上甚至超过菲律宾其他顶尖律师事务所的声誉。我们拥有一支由高素质的律师、有资质的专利和商标代理、工程师、律师助理和技术人员组成的团队,他们将其在知识产权法不同领域的专业知识和服务文化®相结合,以满足客户的需求。






専門家の総数: 7
パートナーの人数: 2 アソシエートの人数: 5
主たるオフィス: Makati


Federis & Associates (FEDERIS) は、知的財産の分野のみで業務を行っているごくわずかの法律事務所の1つである、フィリピンのブティック(専門特化)型法律事務所です。小規模ながら、当事務所は、この国の他の一流法律事務所に匹敵し、さらにはこれに勝る評判を得ています。当事務所は、知的財産法のさまざまな分野における専門知識を、クライアントのニーズを満たすCULTURE OF SERVICE®(サービスの文化)と結びつける、非常に有能な弁護士、免許を受けた特許および商標代理人、エンジニア、パラリーガルおよび技術スタッフから成るチームを誇ります。






1998년 설립
총 전문가 수: 7
파트너 수: 2 소속 변호사 수: 5
수석 사무소: Makati

회사 개요

Federis & Associates(FEDERIS)는 필리핀의 전문 법률회사로 지식재산권 분야만 전문적으로 처리하는 소수의 법률 회사 중 하나입니다. 작은 규모임에도 불구하고 필리핀의 다른 최상위 회사들과 대등하거나 이를 뛰어넘는 명성을 구축해 왔습니다. 본사는 뛰어난 자격을 갖춘 변호사, 등록 특허 및 상표 대리인, 엔지니어, 법률 보조원 및 기술직원으로 이루어진 팀을 보유하고 있으며 지식재산권법의 다양한 영역에서 습득한 전문지식과 CULTURE OF SERIVCE®를 결합하여 고객의 요구를 충족시킵니다.

본사는 특허, 상표, 저작권, 디자인, 지식재산권 소송, 위조 방지 및 집행, 면허, 실사 및 계약 검토를 포함하는 모든 분야의 지식재산권법에 대해 완벽한 지원 서비스를 제공합니다.

FEDERIS는 의약품, 소비재, 전자제품, 접객업, 자동차, 인터넷 및 기술을 포함한 광범위한 산업 분야의 국내외 고객을 위해 소송을 처리합니다.

주요 실무 분야




Fame hard to attain in the Philippines

By Ramon Emil T Olea, Patent specialist, Federis & Associates
Over time, a trademark can achieve a level of public recognition and reputation that merits official acknowledgement. The key  advantage of owning a famous...
utility models

Revised IRR for patents, utility models and designs

By Ramon Emil T Olea, Patent specialist, Federis & Associates
The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) in October 2019 released its proposed amendments to the revised implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for...

Gin and the jam over ‘genericness’

By Mila Federis, Federis & Associates
A recent decision by the previous director general of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) reignited the long simmering feud between Ginebra...

Proposed changes to Philippine design application filings

By Mila Federis, Federis & Associates
The Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPOPHIL) recently extended an invitation to the public for consultation on a number of proposed amendments to existing rules...

Studies highlight challenges in Philippine pharma market

By Amanda Carlota, Federis & Associates
Two recently published studies have examined key issues within the growing Philippine pharmaceutical market. Intellectual property was a focal point of discussion in both,...
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