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Ortega Bacorro Odulio Calma and Carbonell Law Office

Total number of professionals: 26
Number of partners: 8 Number of associates: 18
Principal office: Makati

Firm overview

The firm’s beginnings are traced to Pillsbury & Sutro, which was founded in 1901 by Oscar Sutro of San Francisco. Oscar Sutro was joined by his elder brother, Alfred Sutro, and E J Pillsbury, both partners of the San Francisco firm of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro. Because of a previous requirement that the name of a partner who ceases to be with a firm should be dropped from the firm name, its firm name has undergone many changes. Ross Selph & Carrascoso and Bito, Lozada Ortega & Castillo were the firm names for many years. All partners were Americans until 1936, when the first Filipino partner, Antonio T Carrascoso Jr, was admitted.

Key practice areas

Admiralty; aviation; civil and criminal litigation; copyrights and technology transfers; corporation; estates and trusts; family law; foreign investments; general practice; immigration; banking and finance; insurance; securities; labour law; media law; oil and mining; patents; taxation; trademarks.

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专业人士: 26人
现有合伙人: 8人 现有律师:18人
主要办公室: 马卡蒂


历史:本所的历史可以追溯到来自美国旧金山的Oscar Sutro于1901年创立的Pillsbury & Sutro律师事务所。Oscar Sutro和他担任旧金山Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro律师事务所合伙人的哥哥Alfred Sutro及E.J. Pillsbury一起创立了本所。根据过去的要求,不再担任合伙人的律师名字应当从律师事务所的名字中删除,因此,本所的名称发生了多次变化。Ross, Selph & Carrascoso和Bito, Lozada, Ortega & Castillo是本所使用多年的名称。在1936年之前,本所的所有合伙人均为美国人,直到Antonio T. Carrascoso, Jr.成为了第一位菲律宾合伙人。



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5/F and 6/F, Alpap I Building
140 L. P. Leviste Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Philippines – 1227
T: +63 2 818 2321-25 / 810 4390
E: law@ocbocc.com

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