The momentum of private equity investment in china remains strong, but how will new rules affect the sector’s future performance? Leo Long reports

It was jokingly referred to as the “most raucous” fund industry qualification examination ever held, and became the hot topic of conversation in private offering circles in China for a time.

According to the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC), 313,000 people took the exam on 23 April. Of those, 65,000 were from the private securities fund and 14,000 from the private equity (PE) fund industries, while about 11,000 senior officers of private funds also sat the exam.

That it was unprecedented in scale can be attributed to the white-hot growth of the private funds industry in China in recent years. AMAC figures show that, at the end of 2014, private fund management institutions had RMB1.49 trillion (US$226 billion) paid in for asset management, a figure that grew to RMB4.15 trillion by the end of 2015, with the number of funds skyrocketing from 7,665 to 25,369, and the number of private fund managers from 4,955 to 25,005.

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