Beijing’s express delivery industry signs its first collective agreement

Beijing express delivery industry signs first collective agreement

The first collective agreement in the express delivery industry was signed in Beijing in February 2019 by the Beijing Express Delivery Industry Joint Labour Union and the Beijing Express Delivery Industry Association to secure statutorily required labour protections and working conditions for workers in the express delivery industry. Under PRC labour law, an industry-based collective agreement signed between the labour union and industry association representatives is binding on all employers and employees in the industry where the agreement was signed. Therefore, this new collective agreement binds all employers operating in and all employees working in the express delivery industry in Beijing.

The Special Labour Protection Collective Agreement of 2019 for the Beijing Express Delivery Industry focuses on labour protections and working conditions in three areas.

First, enterprises and enterprise trade unions should strengthen work safety training. Second, employers should provide safe working conditions and necessary worker safety equipment according to national regulations. As part of providing safe working conditions, employers should take measures to protect workers from extreme heat and cold. To protect workers from extreme weather conditions, employers should also consider any enterprise trade union suggestions about when to reduce working hours or to suspend work for outdoor workers during extreme weather.

Third, employers should provide special protections for female workers and improve the working environment. For improving the working environment, if possible, employers should equip worker dormitories and work areas with amenities to allow employees to live and work more comfortably. Those amenities include drinking fountains, microwave ovens, shower facilities, etc.

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