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The A-List

The A-List

Thailand’s top 100 lawyers

ABLJ reveals the top 100 lawyers practising in Thailand

Singapore’s top 100 lawyers

ABLJ reveals the top 100 lawyers practising in Singapore

The Philippines top 100 lawyers

ABLJ reveals the top 100 lawyers practising in the Philippines

Indonesia’s top 100 lawyers

Our first A-List: Indonesia's top 100 lawyers

The A-List 2017: China’s top 100 lawyers

CBLJ presents a list of top private practice lawyers for China-related business

The A-List 2017: India’s top 100 lawyers

Get to know whether you have India's top private practice lawyers on your side ... or better yet, if you're one of them


Metro rail projects: Whose line is it anyway?

By Akshay Malhotra and Ishita Gupta, HSA Advocates

Artistic works: Resolving design-copyright overlap

By Omesh Puri, LexOrbis

Industrial corridor projects offer clues to revive mission

By Soumya De Mallik, HSA Advocates



Parliament: the monsoon session

New legislation from parliament’s monsoon session


Lending a hand

Gauging the role of social responsibility in law firms

Fighting for control

Dispute between two established television companies and a small player raises questions about jurisdiction of regulators

Practitioner’s perspectives


Hyundai case: A lesson for CCI

Atul Dua and Anupam Sanghi analyse why the competition regulator’s order was set aside

Legal discord?

An examination of the overlap between the competition regulator and courts on IP disputes


Court’s role in insolvency cases

Subodh Sadana and Bhuvan Arora analyse judicial intervention in insolvency resolution

Vantage point

Training for a better tomorrow

Why Indian lawyers may not be competitive internationally, writes Ojasvita Srivastava, founder of Project Abhimanyu