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PE, VC & Funds

PE, VC & Funds

Balancing act

Tighter China regulation tests PE/VC investors

US-listed companies go private via mergers

By Michelle Jin and Ben Cai, PacGate Law Group

Sifting past and present requirements for operating an e-business

By Eric He and Sheldon Wang, PacGate Law Group

Fundamental methods for the dismantling of VIE structures

By Zhou Min and Sean Yan, PacGate Law Group

Key compliance points for contract-based PI funds

By Zhao Yanchun and Chen Youyou, AllBright Law Offices

Analyzing GP organizational structure of PE funds

By Michelle Jin, PacGate Law Group


Collective labour disputes involving strikes

By Yvonne Lu, MHP Law Firm

Opportunities and challenges of real estate securitization

By Jia Yong and Ma Huijun, Zhong Lun Law Firm

Anti-corruption compliance in outbound investment

By Sharon Shi, AllBright Law Offices



Rising in the East

The second of our series on Africa focuses on countries in the continent's east


IP protection in China

China is prioritizing a network of strong and effective new IP protection mechanisms


China’s pollution war

Technology can help China enhance environmental law enforcement



Focus on CSRC’s new CDR opinion paper

By Raymond Shi, Tian Yuan Law Firm

Funding of Indian subsidiaries

By Ravi Singhania and Arjun Anand, Singhania & Partners



Document destruction

When can lawyers or their clients destroy documents that relate to judicial proceedings