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Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Jincheng Tongda & Neal is widely recognized as one of the leading full-service law firms in China and Asia, with great expertise across a broad spectrum of practice areas. Headquartered in Beijing with 7 branch offices in key urban centres across China, the firm's mission is to provide tailored legal services that fully satisfy their clients’ requirements with the highest standard of performance.

TM protection all about strategy

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Legal implications of TM reputation on brand protection in China

By Frank Liu and Adam Zhu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Trademark protection in China may not be what you think

By Frank Liu and Adam Zhu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Infringement claims from bad-faith trademark registrant

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Responding to IP conflicts under adverse circumstances

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

IP issues related to internet sales by foreign enterprises

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Revisiting strategies for IP protection in China

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Measures to protect or restore trade secrets

By Sun Jinlin, Jincheng Tongda & Neal



Structured deposits under new asset management rules

By Wu Jiejiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Collective labour disputes involving strikes

By Yvonne Lu, MHP Law Firm

Conflicts over business names and trademark rights in China

By Shi Yakai, Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency



Rising in the East

The second of our series on Africa focuses on countries in the continent's east


China’s pollution war

Technology can help China enhance environmental law enforcement

Heads or tails?

Are Europe’s GDPR and China’s Cybersecurity Law two sides of the same coin?



Focus on CSRC’s new CDR opinion paper

By Raymond Shi, Tian Yuan Law Firm

Determination of IP infringement damages in China

By Zhang Bin and Xie Guanbin, Lifang & Partners



Document destruction

When can lawyers or their clients destroy documents that relate to judicial proceedings