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Wintell & Co

Wintell & Co

Development of cybersecurity insurance

By Dylan Yu, Wintell & Co

Latest regulatory trends on the use of insurance funds

By Jason Xia, Wintell & Co

Trends with intellectual property insurance

By Zhang Zhongbo and Harry Wu, Wintell & Co

Reflections on sound marine insurance legislation

By Mervyn Chen, Wintell & Co

Fraud shows shortcomings in insurance monitoring

By Sam Zhao, Wintell & Co

Financial leasing insurance and methods of risk control

By Harry Wu, Wintell & Co

Risk prevention in export credit insurance

By Dai Yuxin and Chen Liang, Wintell & Co

Insurance for litigation preservation liability

By Paul Zhou and Yu Xiaofeng, Wintell & Co


吴杰江 WU JIEJIANG 竞天公诚律师事务所 合伙人 Partner Jingtian & Gongcheng

Focus on capital obligations of major bank shareholders

By Wu Jiejiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng
明星楠 MING XINGNAN 万慧达北翔知识产权集团合伙人 Partner Wanhuida Peksung IP Group

Light at the end of tunnel in New Balance copyright case

By Ming Xingnan and Ding Jinling, Wanhuida Peksung IP Group

Nominee shareholding and rules of dispute hearing

By Gao Ping, AnJie Law Firm



Dancing in unison

What are the key compliance issues in the Year of the Dog?

Africa-China co-operation to be further strengthened

Hands on Africa

Part one on the continent’s longstanding partnership with China

Resisting temptation

Practical tips for anti-bribery compliance in the corruption-averse China


王同海 WANG TONGHAI 瀛泰律师事务所高级合伙人 Senior Partner Wintell & Co

Difficulties with leftover ‘uncleared land’ projects in China

By Wang Tonghai, Wintell & Co
钟智芬 ZHONG ZHIFEN 广信君达律师事务所合伙人 Partner ETR Law Firm

Distressed asset purchases carry legal risks in China

By Zhong Zhifen and Jeffrey Quan, ETR Law Firm
周涛 ZHOU TAO 国枫律师事务所授薪合伙人 Salary Partner Grandway Law Offices

Supply chain finance ABS helpful in financing SMEs in China

By Zhou Tao and He Qian, Grandway Law Offices


China Lexicon

Choice of court

In some jurisdiction, it is very difficult to enforce a court judgment