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Wintell & Co

Wintell & Co

Development of cybersecurity insurance

By Dylan Yu, Wintell & Co

Latest regulatory trends on the use of insurance funds

By Jason Xia, Wintell & Co

Trends with intellectual property insurance

By Zhang Zhongbo and Harry Wu, Wintell & Co

Reflections on sound marine insurance legislation

By Mervyn Chen, Wintell & Co

Fraud shows shortcomings in insurance monitoring

By Sam Zhao, Wintell & Co

Financial leasing insurance and methods of risk control

By Harry Wu, Wintell & Co

Risk prevention in export credit insurance

By Dai Yuxin and Chen Liang, Wintell & Co

Insurance for litigation preservation liability

By Paul Zhou and Yu Xiaofeng, Wintell & Co


Accolades and challenges

Compliance, legaltech, and Deals of the year 2017


China Lexicon

State immunity

The doctrine of state immunity and how it is interpreted