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Four seas

Four seas

Navigating the VUCA world

MNC in-house counsel must adapt to a more turbulent world

Rising in the East

The second of our series on Africa focuses on countries in the continent's east

Hands on Africa

Part one on the continent’s longstanding partnership with China

The big picture

Exclusive interview with the UN's top legal figure

Offshore treasure

Old days of havens for tax gains replaced by rigid regulatory regimes

Think big

First in a special series on the Belt and Road initiative

Trend setter

Overseas IP issues facing Chinese companies

Your best defence

China’s exporters and the battle against global trade protectionism

Greater tax connection

CRS implications for Chinese entities

The heat is on

More fuel for the fire on global antitrust enforcement



China needs unified external debt management

By Zhang Lei, Jingtian & Gongcheng
王逸骏 MICHAEL WANG 君悦律师事务所 律师 Associate MHP Law Firm

Issues concerning assignment of subject of credit insurance

By Michael Wang, MHP Law Firm

Shipowners’ skilful use of contract terms to guard funds

By Anna Lan, Co-effort Law Firm



Lean to green

China's market-oriented approach to green regulation


Family wealth management

Managing your own personal dynasty


Data overdrive

Hot issues in data security and management in China



Passing on of family control

By Yun Dahui, Hylands Law Firm

Foreign elements in private wealth management

By Wu Weiyi and Lu Shanjing, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Enforcing commercial judgments in China

By Tom Zhang and Tim Meng, GoldenGate Lawyers


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