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Hong kong What are the best listing venues for homecoming Chinese stocks?

What is the best listing venue for homecoming Chinese stocks?


Acclaimed financial lawyer David Liu shares his career stories

asset management

What does the future hold for China’s asset management industry?

Shu Jin Law Firm Capital market securities

What the Star Market has changed

By The Securities team of Shu Jin Law Firm

Can India’s post-covid-19 stimulus benefit Chinese companies?

By Santosh Pai and Vijay Sureka, Link Legal India Law Services

The latest developments in bankruptcy and restructuring in China



Video evidence

What are the rules governing the giving of evidence by video link in civil proceedings


Remedies for minority shareholders in liquidations

By Xu Bangwei and Lin Xiaolu, Jingtian & Gongcheng

New rules for adjudication of trade secret cases

By Wang Yaxi and Wu Yue, Yuanhe Partners
Wang Jihong Zhao Huiqi Zhong Lun Law Firm state aid rules

Impact of EU state aid rules on Chinese investors

By Wang Jihong and Zhao Huiqi, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Wu Kun Jin Jing Tian Tai Law Firm enterprises employment

Comparative analysis of labour dispatching and outsourcing

By Wu Kun and Jin Jing, Tian Tai Law Firm
Zhong Yueping, Merits & Tree Law Offices Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical quality responsibilities under the MAH system

By Zhong Yueping, Merits & Tree Law Offices
Pan Jia Dentons customs royalties

Be aware on the issue of customs royalties

By Pan Jia, Dentons
Leo Yu Jingtian & Gongcheng labour

Investigation, evidence collection on non-compete personnel

By Leo Yu, Jingtian & Gongcheng
耿云峰 三友知识产权代理有限公司 知识产权

Protection for shapes of commodities under Anti-Unfair Competition Law

By Geng Yunfeng, Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency



    Bond trustee system: A new opportunity

    By Pan Xiuping and Cui Shengnan, Longan Law Firm

    Impact of Foreign Investment Law on M&A in China

    By Catherine Shen, Commerce & Finance Law Offices

    Structure, procedure and dilemmas of the PPP+REITs model

    By Zhang Miao and Pei Zhoujian, Hylands Law Firm



      What makes an accretive taking-private deal?

      By Virginia Tam, K&L Gates
      While going public could be the top priority for many private companies, going private, at the right time and sponsored by the right consortium, could be the preferred approach for some listed companies

      Cayman privatizations back in vogue

      By David Lamb, Conyers Dill & Pearman
      Privatizations of public companies incorporated in the Cayman Islands and listed on a major stock exchange are in vogue again for a variety of reasons, financial and regulatory

      Chinese take-privates: End of a US affair?

      By Matt Roberts, Maples Group
      In certain instances, the founders and management of public companies may consider a privatization or “take-private” deal, whereby the company is taken private by becoming a private Cayman Islands company and, as a result, delists from these US securities exchanges.


      Ensuring arbitration clause validity in signed company contracts

      The following arbitration case illustrates this problem, and this article aims to provide its solution

      Impact of securities law revisions on China arbitration

      The first Securities Law of the PRC come into effect on 1 July 1999, and has since undergone five amendments. The latest revision came into effect on 1 March 2020. It is more striking than all previous revisions, with many highlights.

      Factual witnesses in commercial arbitration

      In commercial arbitration, the claimant and the respondent shall each provide evidence for the facts on which they apply, reply or counterclaim. Witness testimony often plays an indispensable role in providing facts and restoring the truth of a case


      Are you being watched?

      Governments adopting trace-and-track apps to prevent the spread of this coronavirus have raised questions about the ‘right balance’ between crisis response and privacy considerations

      Beyond the ‘mega’ era

      What does the future hold for China’s asset management industry?

      A wealth of advice

      Acclaimed financial lawyer David Liu shares his career stories

      Surfing boards

      What is the best listing venue for homecoming Chinese stocks?

      The homecoming

      A wave of Chinese stocks is poised to exit the US and seek capital back in Shanghai or Hong Kong, following recent fraud allegations of Nasdaq-listed Luckin Coffee and intensifying political tensions

      Over the peak?

      Businesses restarting after the worst of the pandemic face supply-related legal headaches. How should in-house counsel manage these and other risks?


      Foreign yet familiar

      In an exclusive interview, Canadian Justice Beverley McLachlin talks about her role as an overseas judge in Hong Kong

      Indonesian Law Firm Awards 2020

      Asia Business Law Journal presents the best law firm in Indonesia for 2020 and four winners each in 22 practice areas

      The Philippines’ top 100 lawyers

      Asia Business Law Journal reveals the Philippines’ top 100 lawyers

      Emerging trends in patent legislation

      Patent laws are fast evolving across the world, and nowhere more so than Asia. Emerging case laws and new legislation are helping shape stronger intellectual property laws for regional players

      A comparison of developments in dispute resolution

      A close look at the emerging trends in litigation and alternative dispute resolution around Asia

      Bermuda leads with ‘soft touch’

      By Henry Tucker, Carey Olsen
      Earlier regarded as a last resort, soft touch provisional liquidation is today a commonly deployed tool for restructuring offshore companies listed in Hong Kong and Singapore

      Rising Stars: Thailand law firms

      In the first of our new series that identifies movers and shakers making waves in regional legal markets, we showcase Thai law firms on the rise

      The Cook Islands solution

      This South pacific island country offers convenient, flexible and easy-to-administer options for setting up private trust companies

      Japan’s top 100 lawyers

      Asia Business Law Journal reveals the top 100 lawyers practising in Japan