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Articles from three corporate counsel institutions focus on the new responsibilities, challenges and opportunities facing in-house legal teams

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How tough is bad-faith trademark filing getting?

By Ren Haiyan and Lei Yongjian, Wan Hui Da
Since 2008, the development of intellectual property has been a national priority in China. As for trademarks, the volume of applications has consistently grown in the past 15 years, reaching the staggering number of 3.69 million in 2016. One consequence is the proliferation of so-called “pre-emptive trademark applications” filed in...

Strategy for foreign rights holders against TM squatting in China

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal
A large number of companies with brands that have had a significant history and degree of notoriety abroad did not in the past place any great importance on registering their brands as trademarks in China because their major markets were not in the country. The sales of some brands...
Jiang Fengtao, Meng Dan, Hengdu Law Firm, on IPO review essentials for NEEQ-listed companies

IPO review essentials for NEEQ-listed companies

By Jiang Fengtao and Meng Dan, Hengdu Law Firm

Vessel arrest rules bring risks for leasing companies

By Grace Zheng and Tony Zhang, Co-effort Law Firm
Craig Zhou, Martin Hu & Partners, on Foreign-related contract and governing laws

The application of law to foreign-related contracts

By Craig Zhou, Martin Hu & Partners
Wang Jianrui, Yang Bin, East & Concord Partners, on M&A in China

Review standards for fiduciary duties of directors

By Wang Jianrui and Yang Bin, East & Concord Partner
Wang Jihong, Liu Ying, Zhong Lun Law Firm, on Asset securitization

Conditions for securitization of PPP project assets

By Wan Jihong and Liu Ying, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Hu Bo, Li Xiameng, AnJie Law Firm, on Negative list breakthrough for foreign investment

Negative list breakthrough for foreign investment

By Hu Bo and Li Xiameng, AnJie Law Firm
Lai Jihong, Cheng Jingeng, Zhong Lun Law Firm, on Red-chip companies bond issuance in overseas markets

Warning for red chips regarding foreign debts

By Lai Jihong and Chen Jingeng, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Wang Guan, Meng Wenxiang, Grandway Law Offices on restructuring of listed companies

Legal practice in listed companies’ overseas M&A

By Wang Guan and Meng Wenxiang, Grandway Law Offices

IP judicial reforms require more for agents

By Wang Yadong and Han Yufeng, Rui Bai Law Firm
Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers on Labour law

Beijing issues new rules on application of labour laws

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
Thomas Wang, Carol Li, Boss & Young, on Private fund

Upgraded requirements on management of private funds

By Thomas Wang and Carol Li, Boss & Young
Lin Zhong, EY Chen & Co. Law Firm, on Overseas M&A

Integration is key to overseas merger and acquisition success

By Lin Zhong, EY Chen & Co. Law Firm
Yu Juanjuan, AllBright Law Offices on State-owned assets

Precautions against loss of state-owned assets

By Yu Juanjuan, AllBright Law Offices


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