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October 2019

  • As competition heats up, how will law firms avoid low-cost chaos?
  • How law firms tailor services for Hangzhou’s fast development
  • Interviews with leaders of six arbitration centres
  • Lexicon: Wigs and robes

September 2019

  • Internationalizing China’s dispute resolution system
  • Women lawyers share their challenges and success
  • Exclusive interview with ADB’s outgoing general counsel
  • Geopolitical risks impact Chinese outbound investment

July/August 2019

  • What legal services will Greater Bay Area require?
  • Changing of the guard for newly compliant SOEs
  • Law firms in China are evolving and transformin
  • Gameplan strategy to score goals for the economy

June 2019

  • Antitrust authorities close in on infringers
  • What are the qualities for a capable in-house counsel?
  • Legaltech can help in-house counsel centralize data
  • BRI and China’s International Commercial Courts

May 2019

  • Shanghai’s tech exchange board to rival NASDAQ
  • Chinese investors need far-sighted overseas IP strategy
  • Prominent in-house counsel discuss work challenges
  • Lexicon: Commissions of inquiry

April 2019

  • Fighting clever over IP in China
  • Foreign Investment Law under microscope
  • Our innaugural CBLJ Forum in Beijing
  • Lexicon: Expert evidence

March 2019

  • Market rides fresh wave of M&A activity
  • Avoiding the long arm of US enforcement
  • How to lock in your data compliance
  • Lexicon: Choice of court

February 2019

  • Are you a China Business Law Awards winner?
  • 2019 beings ‘the era of compliance’
  • Significance of seat of arbitration
  • Lexicon: Amicus Curiae

December 2018/January 2019

  • HK market lures bullish issuers from Mainland, US
  • Deals of the year 2018
  • Prevention of ‘sham arbitration’
  • Lexicon: Summary judgment

November 2018

  • Fees rise but quality, professionalism count more
  • The A-List: Elite lawyers for China-related business
  • Market-oriented approach to green regulation
  • Lexicon: Invalidity

October 2018

  • Digital guru brings you up to speed
  • How much do you really know about perpetual bonds?
  • Family wealth: Managing your own personal dynasty
  • Lexicon: Written amendments

September 2018

  • Mediation can help turn conflict into consensus
  • MNC in-house counsel must adapt to a more turbulent world
  • Common ADR mechanism connects BRI countries
  • CIETAC, BAC/BIAC, HKIAC share insights

July/August 2018

  • Overseas regulators are buffeting Chinese investment
  • It’s a critical moment for China to further open up
  • New trends and challenges facing corporate counsel
  • Domestic and foreign law firms strive to develop

June 2018

  • New rules are shaping the development of PE/VC funds
  • Offshore jurisdictions are riding the tide of fintech
  • Key cybersecurity requirements for WFOE private fund managers
  • Evidence collection in common law jurisdictions and in China

May 2018

  • China’s capital markets are further integrated with the world
  • How to comply with EU’s GDPR and China’s Cybersecurity Law
  • Technology in China’s environmental law enformcement
  • Lexicon: Document destruction

April 2018

  • IP PROTECTION: The dragon lifts its game
  • Africa series focuses on east of the continent
  • China strengthens environment law enforcement
  • Lexicon: Confidentiality

March 2018

  • Securitization favoured for liquidity
  • Africa-China co-operation to be further strengthened
  • Practical tips for anti-bribery compliance
  • Lexicon: Choice of court

February 2018

  • What are the key compliance issues in the new year
  • Exclusive interview with the UN’s top legal figure
  • China Business Law Awards
  • Lexicon: Bank resolution

December 2017/January 2018

  • Deals of the year 2017
  • Chinese companies must watch rising US regulatory pressure
  • How AI is reshaping the legal services sector
  • Lexicon: State immunity

November 2017

  • What rates are top PRC law firms charging?
  • The A-List: Top 100 lawyers for China-related business
  • Opportunities and risks with growth of green finance
  • Lexicon: International commercial courts

October 2017

  • How to ensure IP infringers get the point
  • Belt and Road: Final in the series focuses on the long-term legacy
  • Seasoned corporate counsel share outbound investment experience
  • Lexicon: Cryptocurrencies

September 2017

  • A universal arbitration framework and Belt and Road markets
  • Technology: Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Cherie Blair QC: Globalization and rule-based commerce
  • CIETAC, BAC/BIAC, HKIAC share insights

July/August 2017

  • How machines may shape the future of legal work
  • Corporate counsel shoulder greater responsibilities
  • A question of quality: New focuses of regulatory evolution
  • The Belt and Road: What’s shovel ready?

June 2017

  • Offshore treasure: Ground rules have changed in the popular old havens
  • Tech evolution: Intense competition in Asia-Pacific fintech race
  • Development of asset-backed securitization
  • Lexicon: Custom and law

May 2017

  • Fintech revolution
  • PE/VC fund managers face more tough rules on investment
  • Reputational due diligence
  • Lexicon: Force Majeure

April 2017

  • Challenges to IP protection in internet era
  • The Belt and Road: First in a special series on this initiative
  • New regulations and cases facilitate stronger IP protection
  • Overseas IP issues facing Chinese companies

March 2017

  • Bankruptcy reorganization may give dying companies new lease of life
  • China’s exporters and the battle against global trade protectionism
  • How in-house counsel can stand out from the crowd
  • Impacts of predictive coding on lawyers

February 2017

  • Rooster heralds year of uncertainty for corporate counsel
  • China Business Law Awards 2016
  • Implications of the Common Reporting Standard system for Chinese entities
  • Subrogation

December 2016/January 2017

  • Deals of the year 2016
  • Investors are facing increasingly complex global antitrust enforcement
  • China’s reform on foreign investment regulation
  • Lexicon: The future of regional trade arrangements

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