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China Business Law Journal - May 2016

Volume 7, Issue 5



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In this issue

Under the microscope

The safe way to do internal probes

Midas magic

Securities that turn assets to gold

Are internet targeted entrusted investment products compliant?

By Wu Weiming, AllBright Law Offices

Relaxing restrictions for foreigners entering the services industry

By Ni Xudong, East & Concord Partners

Protection of ‘games’ and their component elements

By Lu Lei and Han Yufeng, Run Ming Law Office

Chinese investments in Israel on the rise despite challenges

By Zhou Min, PacGate Law Group

Fighting cross-border crime: Options for co-operation with the UAE

By Andrew Hudson, Al Tamimi & Company

Legislative protection for key information infrastructure

By Ben Chai and Cloud Li, DaHui Lawyers

Deal shield

Insurance against cross-border M&A risk

Selecting the competent court and governing law in Taiwan-related cases

By Alex Hsin and Craig Zhou, Martin Hu & Partners

Frayed trade

WTO reports impacts China-EU trade

Disputes arising from payment with negotiable instruments

By Song Zhongchun, City Development Law Firm