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Danny Ye

JunZeJun Law Offices

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Email: taoxiuming@junzejun.com

Practice areas

Intellectual property; Dispute resolution


As a senior partner of JunZeJun, Ye Jian has more than 20 years’ experience in the practice of intellectual property and has worked on a number of high-profile cases. Mr. Ye represented the 16th Asian Games Organizing Committee and won the case in its emblem copyright dispute; represented a large number of end-user infringement cases involving many world-renowned software companies; represented a famous domestic telecommunication company in its unfair competition case on CCTV programme signals with a huge claim; and represented an international sports brand for its protection of series authorized products from The 2018 FIFA World Cup. The cases Ye has worked on cover a wide range of intellectual property fields, including criminal protection against trademark infringement of world-famous food companies, litigation for protecting the three-dimensional trademark of a world-famous chocolate manufacturer, a chemical invention patent dispute with a huge claim, unfair competition dispute of unfaithful executives of foreign-funded enterprises, and protection of trade secrets of well-known listed companies in Hong Kong, etc.

Ye has been learning the latest and complicated issues regarding intellectual property while he is practicing law. In recent years, Ye has been devoted to the new fields of IP including internet, new media and online games, representing a number of internet cases that caught the attention of the judicial and theoretical circles, which involves video websites, online games, live telecasts, video clips, music library, etc., Ye has provided annual and specialized legal services for many well-known internet enterprises.

Ye is also actively involved in social affairs, undertaking various associations’ work, and conducting intellectual property lectures and law enforcement training for enterprises and related government organs for a long time.

At JunZeJun, Ye has been leading an intellectual property elite team. The team consists of legal personnel from well-known institutions both in China and overseas, legal personnel who have worked in the State Intellectual Property Office, the Higher People’s Court, and professional intellectual property investigators who assist lawyers in handling cases. Through efficient teamwork, the team is providing superior legal services to the clients.

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