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zhang xiaoman

Zhang Xiaoman

Commerce & Finance Law Offices

Tel: +86 10 6569 3399
Email: zhangxiaoman@tongshang.com

Practice areas

Capital market; Cross-border investment; M&A; Private equity & investment fund


ZHANG graduated from Peking University Law School (LL.B.) in 2003 and joined C&F immediately after graduation. It took only 5 years for ZHANG to become a partner in C&F. Xiaoman ZHANG is currently sitting as the managing partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices (“C&F”), which is known as one of the China’s “Red Circle Firms”. As the core management team of C&F with another 6 managing partners, ZHANG is in charge of business sector of the firm. Under the proper strategy and lead of ZHANG, C&F stays in the leading position in terms of both revenue and clients review in capital market for years. ZHANG was the youngest candidate nominated by the 17th Securities Issuance Examination Committee of CSRC. ZHANG is reported and rated by many media as one of a few law firm partners with significant influence in China’s capital market. Many of the projects acted by ZHANG have finally become the benchmarking case of the industry, providing valuable experience for lawyers who practice in the same field.

In the process of the transformation of the new economic industry, ZHANG always maintain curiosity and insists on adjusting his business in a timely manner through continuous study and research. In the past 16 years, he has achieved leading position in the domestic and overseas M&A, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital and cross-border investment.

ZHANG is good at knowledge management, and he is very willing to share his experience and knowledge about the both legal issues and also the whole industry.

ZHANG is good at summarizing complex problems into a simple framework, and finally exploring innovative solutions. ZHANG led his team to create many classic cases which are cutting-edge and became model case in the industry.

ZHANG has a very deep understanding of the business model and business philosophy of the industry. At the same time, ZHANG has a keen sense of the regulatory policies and trends of the industry, which enables ZHANG to execute projects efficiently and accurately while providing legal services to enterprises, taking into account all stages of the project and even the entire growth of the company. Legal concerns. He is good at dealing with problems through a creative trading structure and a sound legal service plan. Outstanding performance and client reputation have made Zhang a benchmark in the industry.

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