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Zhu Zan

Shihui Partners

Tel: +86 13466673832
Email: [email protected]

Practice areas

Investment; M&A; Private equity & investment fund; Securities


Zhu Zan is a member of the All China Lawyers Association and also has been named a member of the ACLA’s committee on finance and tax law. Before joining Shihui Partners, she worked at Zhong Lun Law Firm and JunHe. Zhu is a partner of Shihui Partners and one of the legal courses’ teachers of Zero2IPO Group, Sandhill College, K2 Venture Capital and Plum Ventures. Zhu obtained her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the China University of Political Science and Law, and has been identified by China Business Law Journal as one of China’s elite lawyers in 2018.

Zhu focuses on venture-capital and private-equity investments, as well as foreign direct investments, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, domestic and overseas IPOs and other areas. In particular, she has gained excellent professional skills and extensive experience in investment and financing, restructuring and IPOs for Chinese internet new economy companies. Zhu has provided legal services for Liepin (猎聘), Meiyou (美柚), Niuguwang (牛股王), Babytree (宝宝树), Emar Online (亿玛在线), Ruangao Technology (软告科技), XuetangX (学堂在线) and other companies on dismantling of VIE structures, and has advised Liepin (猎聘), Genetron Health (泛生子), Niuguwang (牛股王) and other internet new economy companies on the restructuring of VIE structures. She also provided services to Liepin (猎聘), Sunshine 100 (阳光壹佰) , Lexin (乐信集团), Pintec (品钛集团) and other companies on their IPOs on Nasdaq or the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. In addition, Zhu has provided legal services in relation to investment and financing, M&A, restructuring and legal consulting to JD (京东), Liepin (猎聘), Pintec (品钛集团), Lexin (乐信集团), Zhaogang.com (找钢网), 51Zhaoyou.com (找油网), Meiyou (美柚), Niuguwang (牛股王), Huike (慧科教育), XuetangX (学堂在线), Tubatu (土巴兔), Genetron Health (泛生子), Emar Online (亿玛在线), Tongbanjie (铜板街), Newborntown (赤子城), Jimubox (积木盒子) and dozens of other internet new economy companies.

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