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Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law


Managing Partner: Tsai Yu-Li
Number of partners: 18
Number of associates: 50

Firm Overview

Deep & Far prosecutes worldwide patent matters for local clients. For international or foreign clients, Deep & Far prosecutes patent matters mainly in Taiwan, and significantly in mainland China and Hong Kong, with minor representation in Macau, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

The patent attorneys and patent engineers at Deep & Far mostly hold outstanding and advanced degrees, and have generally graduated from the top three universities in this country. Our prominent staff members are dedicated to providing the best quality service in intellectual property rights (IPR) in Taiwan. As proof, about one-half of top corporations in Taiwan have experience of seeking patents for their techniques, and more than one-fifth of the top corporations have used the services of this firm.

Furthermore, high-tech companies in the science-based industrial park, located at Hsin Chu, have played a most important role in boosting the economy of Taiwan. About one-half of them have had experience in seeking patents for their techniques, and more than 50% of the patent-experienced companies in that park have entrusted their IPR work to this firm. We also represent international giants such as InterDigital, Gleason, Grenzebach, Beckhoff, NovaLed, BYD, Baidu, Schott Glas, MPS, Lenovo, Oppo, Cypress, Haribo, Armani, CICC, Sun Pharma, Dr Reddy, Intercept, Torrent, Lupin and Piramal.

It is our philosophy to provide competent legal services that other firms cannot comparably provide. The ensuing challenge is how we can so provide this. Deep & Far achieves its goal by selecting, edifying and nurturing people who have the following personalities: learned in expertise, morally earnest and sincere in mind, and strictly disciplined between give and take. It is our belief that such qualities are key factors for people to properly and competently present themselves. By the perseverance that we only do work that enables this firm to be deep and far; Deep & Far can then equate this reality with its name.

To show our extraordinary competence, we would like to take challenges from the clients. You are welcome to: (1) send us a pending or granted patent for our comments on how we can improve its claims; (2) send us a pending patent specification without the claims for us to draft new claims for comparison with the original claims; or (3) send an initial disclosure to your current counsel and our firm at the same time in order to compare and find out which claim set is better.

Key Practice Areas

Patents; Trademarks; Copyrights; Trade secrets; Unfair competition; Licensing; Counselling; Litigation; Transaction.

Contact us

13/F, 27 Sec 3
Chung San N. Rd., Taipei 104
Taiwan 104
Telephone +886 2 2585 6688 ext. 8139
Fax +886 2 2598 9900 / +886 2 2597 8989
Email yltsai@deepnfar.com.tw
Contact Yu-Li Tsai

Website www.deepnfar.com.tw


管理合伙人: 蔡驭理
现有合伙人: 18
现有律师: 50


道法法律事务所为本地客户处理世界各地专利申请相关事宜。我们主要为国际或外国 客户处理台湾专利申请相关事宜,以及许多中国 大陆和香港的有关事宜,并处理一部分澳门、 新加坡、韩国和日本的相关事宜。

道法法律事务所专利律师和专利工程师通常拥有杰出的学历背景,许多都毕业于当地最有名的三所大学之一。我们杰出的员工致力于提供当地知识产权领域最高质量的服务。当地一百强公司中有 几乎一半的公司为其技术申请过专利,但是一百强公司中有超过五分之一的公司使用过我们的服务。此外,新竹科学工业园区的高科技公司对于促进 当地的经济发展起着最重要的作用。该园区约一半的公司为其技术申请过专利,其中该园区超过50% 的申请过专利的公司将其知识产权工作委托给 我们。当然,我们也代表InterDigital、Gleason、 Grenzebach、Beckhoff、NovaLed、BYD、 百度、Schott Glas、MPS、联想、Oppo、Cypress、Haribo、Armani、CICC、Sun Pharma、Dr. Reddy、 Intercept、Torrent、Lupin、Piramal等国际巨头企业。

我们的理念是提供其他律师事务所无法同样提供的法律服务。那么必然随之而来的问题是我们 如何才能提供这样的服务?道法法律事务所通过 选择、启发和培养拥有专业、认真、真诚和严格自律的性格特点的人们来达到这个目标。我们认为这些性格特点对于人们正确和适当的举止是非常关键的 因素。通过坚持只做我们律师事务所可以从事的 工作,道法法律事务所才可以名副其实。

我们愿意接受以下这类可以展现我们杰出能力的 挑战:(1)将申请中或已批准的专利发给我们审阅 可以如何修改权利要求书;(2)将不附带权利 要求书的专利说明书发给我们起草新的权利要求书 用于与原权利要求书进行比较;或者(3)将首次 发表情况同时发给现在的顾问和我们,以比较和 发现哪份权利要求书更优。




电话 +886 2 2585 6688 ext. 8139
传真 +886 2 2598 9900 / +886 2 2597 8989
电邮 yltsai@deepnfar.com.tw
联系人 蔡驭理

网站 www.deepnfar.com.tw

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