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Number of partners: 29
Number of counsels and associates: 60 (including trainee lawyers)
现有合伙人: 29
现有律师: 60 (包括见习律师)

Firm overview: We are an influential, innovative Swiss law firm, ranked among Switzerland’s leading law firms by the world’s most prestigious law firm rankings Chambers Europe, Chambers Global and Legal 500. We are dedicated to providing effective legal solutions to business, tax and regulatory matters. Our approximately 90 lawyers, tax advisers and public notaries are organized under the direction of experienced partners in practice teams, covering all areas of commercial law. Our breadth of practice ensures we have the right team available for every mandate and client.

Clients demand and deserve impartial, unbiased advice. Our conflict of interest standards set us apart from other firms. The fact that we are not tied to an association of law firms or attorney network means that our ability to select and instruct counsel in international transaction is not compromised. We have spent decades building up networks with attorneys and firms that meet our standards. We can choose freely from that network, according to the demands of the matter at hand.

VISCHER has grouped partners and associates experienced in dealing with Chinese direct investments and Sino-Swiss trade in its China desk, to pool the relevant experience and efficiently handle mandates relating to China. We are supported by our China desk associate, Fiona Gao, a seasoned native Chinese attorney, who enables us to communicate with our Chinese clients in Chinese and to make them feel at home when dealing with us. VISCHER is a member of the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) and of the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce in China.

Our offices can be found in Zurich and Basel, the two largest business centres of Switzerland.

Key Practice Areas:

Key areas of law
Corporate and mergers and acquisitions; Banking and finance; Litigation; Arbitration; Intellectual property; Public sector and regulatory (including antitrust and competition); Tax.

Key fields of business
Industrial manufacturing; Private equity; Venture capital; Corporate finance; Life sciences; Pharma; Biotech; Energy; Information and communication technology; Media and entertainment; Private clients; Real estate.








Swiss welcome mat out for Chinese buyers

By Felix Egli and Fiona Gao, Vischer
In many parts of the Western world there are still quite a few prejudices against Chinese buyers of Western companies – they often are...

Guaranteed basic income for all?

By Fiona Gao and Rebecca Jeup, VISCHER
What would you do if your income were taken care of? With this slogan recently spread across an 8,000-square-metre poster on Geneva’s Plainpalais Square,...

Establishing a company or branch in Switzerland

By Thomas Krizaj and Fiona Gao, VISCHER
When establishing a business in Switzerland, a variety of documents and information need to be procured, allowing a swift procedure for the registration of...

Switzerland offers competitive tax rates in Europe

By Christoph Niederer and Fiona Gao, VISCHER
In the European context, Switzerland offers low tax rates and an investor-friendly tax environment. Its ordinary corporate income tax rates are low compared to...

Is clampdown on Swiss stem cell therapies justified?

By Stefan Kohler, Felix Kesselring and Fiona Gao, VISCHER
In Switzerland, an increasing number of organizations have been offering stem cell therapies for the treatment of a broad range of diseases and conditions...

Amendments to the Swiss disclosure, takeover regime

By Gian-Andrea Caprez and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER
On 1 January 2016, the new Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FMIA) entered into force. Apart from supervisory provisions for the operation of financial market...

Automatic Exchange of Information from a Swiss perspective

By Christoph Niederer and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER
Chinese and Hong Kong-controlled Swiss companies, as well as many Hong Kong or mainland China residents – directly or indirectly through companies domiciled in...

New Swiss acts to regulate cross-sector financial products

By Adrian Dörig and Dominic Wyss, VISCHER
On 4 November 2015, the Swiss Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the Financial Services Act (FinSA) and on the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA)....

Swiss regime on corporate names revised

By Thomas Kriza and Jonas Gassmann, VISCHER
The Swiss regulations regarding corporate names shall be harmonized for all legal forms of companies and partnerships by a new act passed by the...

Schindler: Opting-out with tailor-made mandatory public offer duty?

By Gian-Andrea Caprez and Fiona Gao, VISCHER
Swiss law on public tender offers provides for a mandatory offer duty if a shareholder crosses the threshold of 33 1/3% of the voting...

Money laundering: New reporting duties for Swiss company shareholders

By Jana Essebier and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER
On 1 July the first part of the new federal law to implement the 2012 Revised Recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force concerning...

Swiss banking secrecy: Myth or reality?

By Felix Egli and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER
We are often asked by Chinese clients and contacts what Swiss banking secrecy means exactly and whether it still applies. Misleading term The term itself is...

Simplifying the bank establishment approval process in Switzerland

By Adrian Dörig, Stefan Grieder and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER
Following an agreement between the People’s Bank of China and the Swiss National Bank to establish clearing arrangements in Switzerland for trading renminbi, China...

Switzerland quickly adapts to franc’s appreciation against euro

By Gili Fridland Svensson and Dania Salvisberg-Schneider, VISCHER
On 15 January 2015 the Swiss National Bank discontinued the Swiss franc/euro minimum exchange rate introduced on 6 September 2011. This decision was totally...

Switzerland: enhanced tax transparency according to international standards

By Christoph Niederer and Fiona Gao Yue, VISCHER
Based on a general decision taken by Switzerland’s Federal Council in March 2009, Switzerland provides for administrative assistance in tax matters upon specific request...

How your brand can lawfully benefit from ‘Swissness’

By Delia Fehr-Bosshard and Fiona Gao Yue, Vischer
Swiss products and services enjoy an excellent reputation, both domestically and abroad. Exclusivity, high quality, precision, reliability, efficiency, luxury, high-tech and innovation are some...

Avoiding the sinkholes when investing in Swiss real estate

By Felix Egli and Wu Fan, VISCHER
Switzerland’s political stability, economic prosperity, central geographic situation within Europe and natural beauty, as well as superb architectural and construction quality, all contribute to...

Understanding potential of the CHF-RMB swap line

By Felix Egli, Wu Fan, Vischer
On 21 July 2014, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and People’s Bank of China (PBoC) announced a reciprocal three-year, Swiss franc-renminbi (CHF-RMB) currency swap...

Opting for choice of forum clause in favour of Swiss state courts

By Thomas Krizaj and Wu Fan, VISCHER
In our March 2014 column in China Business Law Journal, we featured Switzerland as a preferred place for international arbitration. While in our practice...

Overseas M&A diagnostic of the ‘Chinese’ approach

By Felix Egli, Wu Fan, Vischer
Recently, we had the honour of visiting a Chinese private equity (PE) fund playing a leading role in overseas acquisitions. We were soon surprised...

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