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Established in 1999 始创于1999年
Managing Partner: Wu Mingde
Number of partners: 545
Number of associates: 1800
管理合伙人: 吴明德
现有合伙人: 545
现有律师: 1800

Firm Overview: We are one of the leading fullservice Chinese law firms in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). As a national law firm headquartered in Shanghai, we provide a comprehensive range of high-quality legal services to both domestic and international clients from our 19 offices, respectively in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, Jinan, Nanchang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Xiamen, Zhengzhou and Hong Kong.

While size is only one of many indicators of the success and resourcefulness of a law firm, being the largest law firm based in Shanghai (and in the entire Eastern China region), we certainly lead in this respect among our peers.

We have more than 1,800 registered lawyers,including more than 540 partners and senior consultants.

Aside from our regular working language of Chinese (Mandarin and major dialects), many of our lawyers are fluent in English, Japanese, French, German, Korean and other major languages, and many are also admitted in overseas jurisdictions. Our partners and senior consultants came to the firm with diverse professional and personal backgrounds. Many transactional lawyers have practised for years in top international law firms and/or in leading multinational companies. A number of our litigators were judges and prosecutors, and many are active arbitrators. We also have access to a strong network of former government officials and legislators. Supported by a large team of translators and legal assistants, our professionals have undertaken many complex and high-profile transactions, and have won many landmark cases.

Our lawyers have played critical roles in advising the government on, and actually drafting, many of the core Chinese laws and regulations involved in our daily practices today, and have been involved in drafting several international treaties concerning international investment, trade and other forms of economic co-operation.

Our practitioners possess a wealth of first-hand experience and legal expertise in providing effective solutions to the most complex of legal issues regarding the application of laws and regulations, governmental approvals and legal procedures.

Key Practice Areas: Corporate and commercial securities; Capital markets; Banking and financing; Real estate and construction; Dispute resolution; Intellectual property; International trade specialist areas.







Quan Kaiming AllBright LawOffices

Trends in Shanghai administrative penalty cases 2016-2017

By Quan Kaiming, AllBright Law Offices
With the implementation of the “relaxed access, stringent oversight” strategy by state regulators, non-compliant operational acts by enterprises are more likely to be subject...
石育斌 SHI YUBIN 锦天城律师事务所高级合伙人 Senior Partner AllBright Law Officessvideo

Do SOEs serving as GPs comply with regulations in China?

By Shi Yubin and He Wei, AllBright Law Offices
As private equity funds are booming, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) become increasingly involved in these funds. Arrangements where SOEs serve as general partners (GPs) of...

China: Environmental protection compliance progress in 2018

By Li Xiong and Yuan Yuan, AllBright Law Offices
On the domestic political scene, “environment” has become one of the most frequent words. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China...

How to prevent VAT compliance risks of asset management products

By Liu Yungang, AllBright Law Offices
Following the promulgation of the Circular on National Implementation of the Pilot Program of Levying Value-added Tax in lieu of Business Tax (the ...

Enterprise big data strategy and compliance

By Wu Weiming, AllBright Law Offices
There is no time at which an enterprise is not required to access and use big data in its product research and development, precision...

Analysis of the VIE model from a legal perspective

By Zhang Biwang, AllBright Law Offices
The term “VIE (variable interest entity) model”, often referred to as the “agreement control model” in China, in offshore listings means that a listed...

Compliance review of FI contracts with governments

By Shen Rengang and Zhang Yanan, AllBright Law Offices
In its efforts to attract foreign investment, the government often undertakes to provide the investor with preferential tax, fiscal or land treatment in exchange...
Yu Juanjuan, AllBright Law Offices on State-owned assets

Precautions against loss of state-owned assets

By Yu Juanjuan, AllBright Law Offices
Mixed ownership reform (MOR) of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) has been a key concern among the political and business communities. This article looks at prevention...

Gauging impact of US FATCA on corporate compliance practice

By Dong Jinsong and Fan Xiaoliang, AllBright Law Offices
Found at the heart of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) are the information reporting and tax withholding systems, that is to...

Domestic A-share listing by for-profit educational institutions

By Jeffrey Yang and Feng Chengliang, AllBright Law Offices
The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) amended the Education Law on 27 December 2015, revising the provision reading “no organization or...

Public welfare sponsorship or commercial bribery?

By Li Shu, AllBright Law Offices
It has been common in recent years that drugs and medical device companies sponsor professionals to participate in medical science conferences. However, such companies,...

HK rules shed light on personal data protection

By Maggie Qin and Jason Chan, AllBright Law Offices
The legal framework governing personal information in mainland China is quite limited, with most provisions addressing the issue scattered in the individual clauses of...

Registration of onshore guarantees for offshore indebtedness

By Jessie Fang, AllBright Law Offices
Onshore guarantees for offshore indebtedness – commonly known as Nei Bao Wai Dai (NBWD) – refers to cross-border arrangements where a guarantee is provided...
WU JIANG Partner AllBright Law Offices

Compliance issues for gifts that advertise

By Wu Jiang, AllBright Law Offices
Advertising gifts mean items printed with brand name, logo or slogan that operators give to counterparties or the public in business dealings with the...

Exploring compliant methods of bypassing preemptive right

By Xi Qing, AllBright Law Offices
The term “shareholder right of first refusal” – or preemptive right – means that when a shareholder of a limited liability company wishes to...

Compliance system needed for enterprise bankruptcies

By Jeffrey Yang and Miao Shunjin, AllBright Law Offices
The Enterprise Bankruptcy Law was considered and adopted by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on 27 August 2006, establishing a market...

Compliance issues in listed companies’ outbound M&A

By Xu Jun and Zhang Xia, AllBright Law Offices
As the “One Belt One Road” policy became a national regime, 2015 witnessed a trend of increasing outbound mergers and acquisitions (M&As). There were...

Are internet targeted entrusted investment products compliant?

By Wu Weiming, AllBright Law Offices
On 18 March, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced it would intensify the investigation and handling of unlawful engagement in the business of...

Tax risks and compliance issues in corporate equity M&A

By Harry He, AllBright Law Offices
In M&A transactions, especially in equity deals, tax-related issues directly affect the transaction costs for the acquiring party, as well as the taxation risks...

Key compliance points for contract-based PI funds

By Zhao Yanchun and Chen Youyou, AllBright Law Offices
A private investment (PI) fund is an investment fund established with funds raised from investors in a non-public manner. In a contract-based PI fund, the...

Stay up to speed on compliance measures of corporate IP ownership

By Liu Minxuan, AllBright Law Offices
Intellectual property (IP) ownership is the fundamental principle for IP. We need to first clarify and identify the ownership of IP before we can...

Antitrust compliance mechanisms essential to enterprises

By John Liu, AllBright Law Offices
The intensity with which regulatory authorities have cracked down on monopoly behaviour by enterprises has increased year by year. Recently, Qualcomm was handed the...

Surcharge compliance in international maritime shipping

By Frank Cao and Shang Tao, AllBright Law Offices
International container shipping freight rates are the remuneration for maritime cargo transport services made by liner operators, including maritime freight and surcharges. The rates...

How import-export enterprises can set up customs compliance systems

By Jia Xiaoning, AllBright Law Offices
Since the General Administration of Customs (Customs) began fully implementing its economic operator accreditation system, authorized economic operators (AEO) have benefited from measures to...

Some things to keep in mind in PPP project compliance review

By Liu Xiaojun and Xing Limiao, AllBright Law Offices
Since 2014, the public-private partnership (PPP) model has been well regarded and widely applied by every level of government. The State Council, ministries and...

Changes in forex compliance relating to FDI and ODI

By Chen Miaojie and Qiu Mengyun, AllBright Law Offices
On 28 February, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) issued the Notice on Further Simplifying and Improving Administrative Policies on the Direct Investment...

Compliance in anti-monopoly reviews of business operator concentrations

By Susan Guo, AllBright Law Offices
As at August 2014, the Anti-Monopoly Law had been implemented for six years, during which time the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) had opened a...

Using sound taxation planning under ongoing system reforms

By Yu Zhe, AllBright Law Offices
With the intensification of reform, China has undergone a number of tax reforms, two of which have been large. The first was in the...

Seeking recourse against an employee for economic loss

By Dong Chundao, AllBright Law Offices
With the increasing compliance awareness of employers, there has been a progressive increase in cases where an employer demands compensation from a worker for...

Compliance for FTZ companies operating outside the zone

By Ye Fang and Zheng Jianjun, AllBright Law Offices
According to the latest official statistics, by mid-September 2014, the newly established companies in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) numbered more than 12,000....

Compliance in dismantling of a red-chip structure

By Wang Qinghua and Shang Lina, AllBright Law Offices
The erection of a red-chip structure generally involves the founding shareholder of a domestic company first establishing an offshore special purpose vehicle (SPV) in...

Guarding against compliance risks in real estate enterprise financing

By Guo Zhongqing, AllBright Law Offices
In recent years, as the central government has intensified regulation and control, signs of adjustment have appeared in the real estate industry, with property...

Compliance issues with domestic acquisitions by foreign investors

By David Tang, Li Jun, AllBright Law Offices
With the opening of the Chinese market, acquisitions of domestic businesses by foreign investors have become a primary means of foreign direct investment. The...

Compliance measures available to prevent dilution of trademarks

By David Chen, Jin Sa, AllBright Law Offices
The dilution of a well known trademark is an act that reduces and weakens the distinctiveness of the mark and harms and tarnishes the...

Key points to secure corporate compliance in equity financing

By Shen Guoquan and Zhang Zhixue, AllBright Law Offices
From the establishment to the termination of a company, and at the production and sales stages, compliant operation is a mandatory requirement. However, the...
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