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Broad & Bright

Managing Partner: Ji Jun
Number of partners: 26
Number of associates: 74

Firm Overview

Broad & Bright, founded in 2004, is a full-service Chinese law firm providing a broad range of specialized legal services in multiple practice areas for domestic and international clients. Among the various practice areas, Broad & Bright is one of the leading law firms in antitrust law practice in China.

The antitrust team of Broad & Bright has extensive experience and expertise in competition law practice, including merger control review, cartel investigation, antirust compliance and counselling. The quality service has won recognition from our clients and the legal society. It has been awarded by prestigious legal ranking publications such as Chambers, Global Competition Review, China Business Law Journal and Asia Law & Practice.

Feng Yao is one of the founding members of Broad & Bright, and she is also the head of the firm’s antitrust team. She graduated from Jilin University Law School in Jilin, China, with an LLB and from Columbia Law School, New York, with an LLM. Upon graduation from Jilin University, she worked in MOFTEC (now the Ministry of Commerce [MOFCOM]) as governmental counsel and later for the Washington DC office of Covington & Burling, until 2003.

Experience in anti-monopoly practice

Since 1 August 2008, MOFCOM/SAMR has reviewed more than 2,000 transactions, out of which Broad & Bright has represented hundreds of filings, many of which are either high-profile or significant cases. Broad & Bright is one of the local firms that handle most of the cases.

Broad & Bright is experienced and has the expertise in handling sensitive and complicated cases. In MOFCOM/SAMR’s 37 conditional approvals so far, Broad & Bright handled almost half of the cases, including China’s first conditional approval of InBev’s acquisition of Anheuser-Busch. In 2009, Broad & Bright represented Coca-Cola in its acquisition of Huiyuan, which is one of the most complicated filings in China to date. In 2015, the firm assisted Seagate in successfully obtaining approval by MOFCOM to lift its “hold separate” restriction, which is the first case where “hold separate” conditions were completely released. Within the same year, Broad & Bright represented NXP in its acquisition of Freescale, which is the first conditional approval of MOFCOM where the “upfront buyer” situation was involved in the divestment remedy. In 2017, Broad & Bright represented five of the seven cases that were conditionally approved by MOFCOM. In 2018, the case which was conditionally approved by SAMR for the very first time was also represented by Broad & Bright.

Broad & Bright has also advised many clients on various antitrust issues, including representing clients in cartel investigations and other behavioural investigations with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Broad & Bright also has extensive experience in advising international companies in compliance with the AML.

Contact us

Beijing Head Office
Suite 701,CBD International Plaza
No 16 Yong’andongli
Jianguomenwai Avenue
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100022, China

Telephone: +86 10 8513 1818
Fax: +86 10 8513 1919

Shanghai • Guangzhou
Hong Kong • Tokyo



管理合伙人: 姬军
现有合伙人: 26
现有律师: 74


世泽律师事务所成立于2004年,是一家为国内外客户提供全方位、多领域、专业化 法律服务的综合性中国律师事务所。在众多执业领域中,世泽在中国反垄断法领域位列顶尖律所 行列。

世泽的反垄断团队在竞争法领域拥有丰富的经验和专业知识,包括经营者集中申报审查、垄断协议 调查、反垄断合规和咨询。团队高质量的服务赢得 了客户和法律界的认可。团队获得多个知名法律 排名刊物颁发的奖项,包括《钱伯斯》、《全球 竞争法评论》、《商法》和《亚洲法律与实践》。

自2004年起作为世泽的创始合伙人,同时也是 世泽反垄断团队的负责人。冯瑶从中国吉林大学 法学院毕业,获得法学学士学位,随后又从美国 哥伦比亚大学毕业,获得法学硕士学位。从吉林 大学毕业后,冯瑶担任中国外经贸部(今商务部)政府顾问,随后在 Covington & Burling 律师事务所华盛顿办公室工作直至2003年。






Suite 701,CBD International Plaza
No 16 Yong’andongli
Jianguomenwai Avenue
Chaoyang District Beijing 100022, China

电话 +86 10 8513 1818
传真 +86 10 8513 1919

上海 • 广州 • 香港 • 东京



Feng Yao

Liu Hongchuan

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