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Managing Partner: Richard Ma
Number of partners: 16
Number of associates: 85
管理合伙人: 马勇
现有合伙人: 16
现有律师: 85

Firm Overview: DaHui Lawyers provides innovative and practical legal solutions to Chinese and international clients across a broad range of industries and legal environments. We draw on the skill and work ethic of our dedicated attorneys to serve our clients at the highest international standards. From our two offices in Beijing and Shanghai, we represent our corporate clients throughout China and internationally. Our clients come to us because of our experience, knowledge, expertise, and our reputation for integrity and client satisfaction.

We are counsels, strategists, and advocates for China’s leading companies and the world’s leading companies in China. We are an international team of advisers intensely focused on serving our client’s individual needs.

Philosophy: Two heads are better than one. At DaHui Lawyers we rely on the collective experience and dedication of our team, facilitated through openness and frank, effective communication to provide world-class legal services to our clients.

Business results are at the core of what we do. As a corporate law firm, we place the ultimate business goal at the forefront of our analysis of legal issues. We listen to our clients to understand what they need and then we use innovative legal techniques to deliver optimal solutions.

Integrity is never an issue at DaHui Lawyers. We maintain the highest ethical standards, and we are committed to confirming our reputation in the international legal community. We know that our long-term client relationships are built on mutual respect and loyalty, which grow out of unimpeachable commitment to integrity. Our clients rely on our integrity so we view it as our most important asset.

Key Practice Areas: Antitrust; Capital markets; Compliance; Corporate, M&A; Inbound investment; Intellectual property; Labour and employment; Litigation and arbitration; Outbound investment.

Education; Energy & natural resources; Healthcare & life sciences; IT & telecoms; Media & entertainment; PE/VC; Real estate & construction; Renewable energy.









辜鸿鹄 PATRICK GU 达辉律师事务所合伙人 Partner DaHui Lawyers

Applicable rules for employing foreign nationals in China

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
With an increasing number of persons with foreign nationalities seeking employment in China, determining the existence of an employment relationship between a domestic enterprise...
辜鸿鹄 PATRICK GU 达辉律师事务所合伙人 Partner DaHui Lawyers

Implications of the rescission of circular No. 481 in China

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
The Measures Concerning Financial Compensation for Breach and Termination of Labour Contract (circular No. 481) issued by the former Ministry of Labour was rescinded...
辜鸿鹄 PATRICK GU 达辉律师事务所合伙人 Partner DaHui Lawyers 2

Tianjin court releases updated guidance on hearing labour disputes

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
In November 2017, the High People’s Court of Tianjin released the Guidance on Hearing Labour Dispute Cases for Courts in Tianjin (Guidance), which provides...

Trade secret protection under amended competition law

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
The amended Anti-Unfair Competition Law, officially adopted by the National People’s Congress standing committee on 4 November 2017, will be implemented as of 1...

Guangdong High Court issues answers on labour disputes

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
The notice on the Answers of the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court on Difficult Questions Concerning the Trial of Labour Disputes (the answers), issued...

Senior departures can trigger secrets leakage

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
The protection of trade secrets has consistently been one of the key links in the management of legal risks by enterprises. Particularly in the...
Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers on Labour law

Beijing issues new rules on application of labour laws

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
The Answers to Questions on the Application of Laws in the Trial of Labour Dispute Cases, issued in April 2017 by the Beijing Municipal...

Beijing issues rules on application of labour law

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
Under the framework of the Labour Contract Law, harsh requirements are imposed on restructuring enterprises that lay off staff, and there are restrictions on...

The Cybersecurity Law and protecting employee privacy

By Patrick Gu, DaHui Lawyers
Amilestone in network information security and personal privacy protection, the Cybersecurity Law will officially be implemented from 1 June 2017. On 11 April, the...

Cyber Security Law and multinational corporations

By Ben Chai and Cloud Li, DaHui Lawyers
The People’s Republic of China Cyber Security Law will take effect on 1 June 2017. It was promulgated in conjunction with the issuance of...

Cloud service providers’ key compliance issues

By Ben Chai and Cloud Li, DaHui Lawyers
From both commercial and technological standpoints, cloud-based computing services (commonly referred to as cloud services) are often seen to be comprised of public cloud...

Security review for M&A by foreign investors under spotlight

By Leo Wang and Ben Chai, DaHui Lawyers
There are no specific laws in China that govern a national security review of mergers and acquisitions of Chinese domestic enterprises by foreign investors....

Online payment industry issues to be further clarified

By Ben Chai and Cloud Li, DaHui Lawyers
In the past few years, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and government authorities have conducted investigations of illegal or irregular third-party payment businesses...

Legislative outlook for the Telecom Law

By Ben Chai and Cloud Li, DaHui Lawyers
When the first draft of the Telecom Law was circulated in 1980, there was substantial interest surrounding this would-be bedrock telecom legislation. Although never...

Revised draft tightens regulation of internet unfair competition

By Leo Wang and Ben Chai, DaHui Lawyers
As a fundamental piece of legislation regulating market competition in China, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law has played a significant role in maintaining fair market...

Challenges for foreign players in entertainment industry

By Ben Chai and Cloud Li, DaHui Lawyers
While China’s film, television and culture entertainment industry is undergoing rapid development, capital and operational input from foreign investors is also on the rise...

Listed acquisitions of entertainment companies

By Cloud Li and Ben Chai, DaHui Lawyers
According to recent market speculation, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) is planning to call off listed companies’ acquisitions of target companies in over-focused...

Legislative protection for key information infrastructure

By Ben Chai and Cloud Li, DaHui Lawyers
Key infrastructure is vital to national security, as well as the economic and social development of a nation. Countries around the world pay special...
Zhang Jida and Owen Yang are partners in the Beijing office of DaHui Lawyers

Steps to making it safely through a CFIUS review

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
On 23 February, Unisplendour Corporation announced its decision to terminate the acquisition of Western Digital, a US storage giant, due to concerns regarding the...

Legal risks in M&A of overseas manufacturing enterprises

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
Earlier this month, China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) announced that it made an offer of US$43 billion to acquire 100% equity of Swiss agrochemical...
Zhang Jida and Owen Yang are partners in the Beijing office of DaHui Lawyers

Using offshore structures in outbound investment

By Zhang Jida , Owen Yang ,DaHui Lawyers
The numbers of Chinese enterprises engaging in foreign investment has been increasing in recent years. This can be attributed to the central government’s “Going...
Zhang Jida and Owen Yang are partners in the Beijing office of DaHui Lawyers

Legal risks in overseas real estate investments

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
In recent years, following the influence of real estate control policies in first-tier cities, reduced domestic investment channels, renminbi appreciation and the rebound of...

China poised for green light on individual overseas investments

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
The internationalization of the renminbi was noticeably accelerated recently in light of the currency’s possible acceptance by the International Monetary Fund as reserve assets,...

New rules may further relax overseas investment restrictions

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
In the previous issue, we introduced the Measures for the Administration of the Approval and Record-filing of Overseas Investment Projects and related legislation. In...

Approval threshold significantly lowered in NDRC outbound investment rules

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
Our previous two columns introduced the Ministry of Commerce’s new regulations on outbound investment. This issue we will introduce related rules issued last April...

Comparison of new rules regulating Chinese companies’ outbound investment

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
Recently the Chinese government has shown an increasing tendency to relax restrictions on, and encourage the expansion of, outbound investment by PRC enterprises. In...

New MOFCOM rules promote expansion in overseas markets

By Zhang Jida and Owen Yang, DaHui Lawyers
Recently, the PRC government issued a series of important rules and regulations to promote outbound investment by Chinese companies. Among these are new regulatory...
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