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Managing Partner: Peng Xuefeng
Number of partners: About 1,500
Number of associates: About 5,400

Firm Overview

Dentons’ China region consists of 45 offices, spanning all of the nation’s provinces and autonomous regions. It was formed through the 2015 combination of global firm Dentons and Chinese firm 大成. Partly as a result of that combination, Dentons is now the largest law firm in the world.

Founded in 1992, 大成 was one of the first partnership law firms in China and is now one of the largest. 大成 began implementing its first five-year plan in 2004, and in 2007 the firm launched its strategy of building a global legal services network. Through the rapid expansion that has resulted, 大成 lawyers gained access to global resources, referrals, knowledge and experience – enhancing delivery of cost-effective, agile and efficient service to clients.

With more than 9,000 lawyers serving more than 70 countries, Dentons offers clients the benefit of quality experience in and of the communities in which they want to do business or resolve a dispute – from Canada and the United States, across Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Africa, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Through broad and in-depth cooperation between the most influential law firms from China and the West, we are innovating the world’s legal services sector and marking a milestone in the history of the global legal profession.

We offer truly full services. We are one of the largest Chinese law firm with 5,000+ lawyers in 45 offices, we provide the full spectrum of legal services and boast strong practices in a number of areas including corporate and litigation. No other firms can match our practice and geographical coverage in China.

We are both local and international. We regularly advise international clients on their China investments and operations. Our long and strong track record includes every type of investment activity in China. Clients from around the world trust our deep local knowledge about the Chinese market and cross-cultural awareness and communication skills.

We provide business solutions as well as technical advice. Our services range from crafting innovative and customized solutions to developing structures that meet operational, legal and tax requirements. We build connections to protect and support investments, and identify flexibility in risk management to add value to transactions and business in China.

Key Practice Areas:

Corporate; M&A; Capital markets; PE; Investment funds; SOE restructuring and property rights transactions; Real estate; Mining; Energy and natural resources; Banking and finance; Foreign direct investment; Outbound investment; Antitrust; Tax; International trade; International trade remedies and WTO; Maritime and admiralty law; IPT; LDR; Criminal defence; Employment.

Contact us

Beijing Head Office
7/F, Building D
Parkview Green FangCaoDi
No.9 Dongdaqiao Road
Chaoyang District Beijing 100020, China
Telephone: +86 10 5813 7799
Fax: +86 10 5813 7788
Contact Peng Xuefeng
Email info@dentons.cn

Changchun • Changsha
Changzhou • Chengdu • Chongqing
Dalian • Fuzhou • Guangzhou
Guiyang • Haikou • Hangzhou • Harbin
Hefei • Huangshi • Inner Mongolia
Jilin • Jinan • Kunming • Lhasa
Lanzhou • Nanchang • Nanjing
Nanning • Nantong • Ningbo
Qingdao • Shanghai • Shengyang
Shenzhen • Shijiazhuang • Suzhou
Taiyuan • Tianjin • Urumqi
Wenzhou • Wuhan • Wuxi • Xi’an
Xiamen • Xining • Yinchuan
Zhengzhou • Zhoushan • Zhuhai

As a global leading law firm, Dentons is committed to delivering professional, comprehensive, quality and efficient legal services for clients in more than 167 locations. (More information, please visit www.dentons.com)

Website www.dentons.com


管理合伙人: 彭雪峰
现有合伙人: 约1,500
现有律师: 约5,400


大成在中国境内拥有45 家办公室, 服务范围覆盖了中国境内全部省、直辖市与自治区。2015 年11 月10日,大成与Dentons 律师事务所实现了合并。合并后,大成目前是全球最大的律所。

大成成立于1992 年,秉承“志存高远,海纳百川,跬步千里,共铸大成”的核心文化理念,致力于为国内外客户提供专业、全面、优质、高效的法律服务。2004 年,大成开始实施第一个五年发展规划;2007 年,大成启动全球法律服务网络建设战略。从2007 年开始,大成的全球法律服务网络迅速扩张,依托完善的法律服务网络,大成律师能够在全球范围内共享项目信息、专业知识、业务经验等各类资源,为客户提供低成本、便捷和高效的法律服务。



兼具全球资源与本土智慧:我们为国际客户在中国的投资与运营提供法律服务,在各类投资服务上 有着颇多的成功案例。大成的客户受益于我们对于 中国市场的深刻认识以及我们对跨区域跨文化交流的充分理解。





邮编 100020
电话 +86 10 5813 7799
传真: +86 10 5813 7788
联系人 彭雪峰
邮箱 info@dentons.cn

长春 • 长沙 • 常州 • 成都
重庆 • 大连 • 福州 • 广州 • 贵阳
海口 • 杭州 • 哈尔滨 • 合肥 • 黄石
内蒙古 • 吉林 • 济南 • 昆明 • 拉萨
兰州 • 南昌 • 南京 • 南宁 • 南通 • 宁波
青岛 • 上海 • 沈阳 • 深圳 • 石家庄
苏州 • 太原 • 天津 • 乌鲁木齐 • 温州
武汉 • 无锡 • 西安 • 厦门 • 西宁
银川 • 郑州 • 舟山 • 珠海

大成在全球167多个地区为客户提供专业、全面、优质、高效的法律服务。 (详细信息,请浏览www.dentons.com)

网站 www.dentons.com

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