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DHH Law Firm


Established in 1993 始创于1993年
Managing Partner: Luan Shaohu, Hu Ming, Jiang Qi, Li Xuxiu, Zhang Wen
Number of partners: 100+
Number of associates1100+
管理合伙人: 栾少湖、胡明、蒋琪、李旭修、张文
现有合伙人: 100+
现有律师: 1100+

Firm Overview: Beijing DHH Law Firm is one of the largest and fastest-growing full-service law firms in China, dedicated to providing high-end commercial legal services for its clients in China and overseas. With its active participation in foreign-related legal projects and legal markets, DHH has received praise from the domestic legal community and made achievements in the field of international practice. DHH has won numerous prizes and recognition from government entities and well-known legal media such as ALB, Chambers & Partners, the Lawyer, and Legal 500. DHH has been selected as the “Legal Service Provider for International Investments” by MOFCOM, the “Ministerial Civilized Law Firm” by the Ministry of Justice, and the “National Outstanding Law Firm” by the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA). DHH has been ranked in seventh place in “Asia Pacific Top 100 Local Firms” and in second place in the “Top 10 Rising Law Firms in China”.

DHH is the first Chinese law firm to set up a branch in the Washington DC area, and is the prominent leader in Russian legal markets. With the establishment of the China Law Centres in Washington DC, Toronto, Moscow and St Petersburg, DHH actively introduces Chinese rule of law to the local communities. DHH also has close relationships and co-operation with friendly law firms located in European, Australian, East Asian and ASEAN countries.

DHH focuses on “Integration, Scale and Reciprocity” in cooperation, and led the founding of the Elite Chinese Lawyers Association (ECLA), the largest legal cooperation platform in China, which has 46 member law firms and more than 5000 lawyers. Meanwhile, DHH was also selected as the mainland China member of the State Capital Group (SCG) legal network, a worldwide association of top law firms. SCG has 148 members in 82 countries around the world, which allowed DHH to achieve its goal of providing “one-stop” legal services for its global clients.

By adhering to its principles of “Opening and Sharing”, DHH is delighted to share its legal databases and office resources in Beijing and four foreign locations with its legal peers in order to reach the goal of improving communication, co-operation and development.

Key Practice Areas: Banking and financing; Trusts and insurance; Asset management and funds; Capital markets and securities; Company law; Bankruptcy and restructuring; International trade and customs; Anti-subsidy; Anti-dumping; Anti-monopoly; Cross-border investment and M&A; Intellectual Property; Real Estate and construction; PPP and real estate finance; Government legal affairs; Criminal defense; Commercial dispute resolution; Arbitration and ADR.







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Beijing Head Office 北京总部
12/F Tower C, Beijing Yintai Centre
2 Jianguomenwai Avenue
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100022, China
邮编 100022

Contact 联系人
+86 10 8540 7666

Shenzhen 深圳
Contact 联系人
+86 755 3320 9369

Washington DC 华盛顿
Contact 联系人
+1 202 204 3077

Moscow 莫斯科
Contact 联系人
+7 495 989 2558

Shanghai • Jinan • Qingdao
Nanjing • Handan • Taiyuan
Zhengzhou • Haikou • Hangzhou
Harbin • Chengdu • Guangzhou
Wuhan • Shijiazhuang
Tianjin • Xi’an • Fuzhou • Changsha
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