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Grandall Law Firm


Established in 1998 始创于1998年
Chief Executive Partner: Lv Hongbing
Number of partners: 400+
Number of associates1,600+
首席执行合伙人: 吕红兵
现有合伙人: 400+
现有律师: 1600+

Firm Overview: Grandall Law Firm is a leading full-service corporate and commercial law firm in China. Grandall has approximately a total combined workforce of more than 2,000 people, including PRC licensed attorneys, foreign counsels, paralegals, secretaries, administrative and support staff. Many of our legal experts and professionals are recognized as top practitioners in their respective fields of specialization, and our foreign counsels ‘bridge the gap’ between the East and West.

Key Practice Areas: Securities and capital markets; Investment/M&A; Banking and finance; Insurance; Private equity and venture capital; General business law; International trade; Intellectual property; Competition/antitrust; Real estate; Infrastructure and project finance; Shipping & marine; Bankruptcy; Dispute resolution.




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Karen Chen
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