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Kangda Law Firm

Established in 1988
Managing Partner: Qiao Jiaping
Number of partners: 119
Number of associates: 596
管理合伙人: 乔佳平
现有合伙人: 119
现有律师: 596

Firm Overview: Beijing Kangda Law Firm, established in 1988 and headquartered in Beijing with 12 branches nationwide, is one of the first-generation large full-service law firms approved by the Ministry of Justice. Through its nearly 30-year legacy, Kangda has built a large-scale, standard, professional and branded legal service network. Taking advantage of multiple languages, information resources and modernized processes, Kangda has formed a globally- networked and close-related service system across countries and regions, and can provide clients with quick-response, excellent and high-performance legal services.

Kangda is well known for its abundant internationally renowned senior partners, some of whom are outstanding representatives of first-generation licensed lawyers following the recovery of the lawyer system, individuals with broad vision and actively participating in fields of politics and judiciary, legal academia and public welfare. Our attorneys hold qualifications as professors, analysts, CPAs and economists, or are appointed as heads of bar associations and special commissions, independent directors of public companies, members of the issuance examination commission under the CSRC, arbitrators of national and international arbitration institutions, etc.

Meanwhile, Kangda has developed deep strategic partnerships with well-known law firms in the US, the UK, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.

Kangda’s clients

Kangda’s clients include ministries and commissions of State Council, financial and securities institutions, well-known research institutes, Fortune Global 500 companies, multinational foreign-invested corporations, well-known state-owned enterprises, public companies and private enterprises from different industries. Our clients come from all over the world with their industries covering fields and segments including banking, finance, securities, insurance, energy, healthcare, auto, technology, media, real estate, public utilities, infrastructure, marriage, family and inheritance, and subdivided industries in various fields.

Key Practice Areas: Special practice areas include complicated commercial lawsuits and international commercial arbitrations, financial securities, M&A in China and abroad, crime and anti-corruption, intellectual property disputes, financial derivatives, insurance, anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, taxation and supervision, cyber and technology, cross-border investment and national security, governmental legal affairs, public policy and labour law. Kangda deeply understands the concerns of our clients in the international business. Through close co-operation and extensive knowledge, Kangda can offer best protection for the legal rights of international clients, and seek comprehensive “one-stop” legal solutions under the current legal structure.






Kangda Law Firm

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Beijing Head Office 北京总部
5th Floor, Building C
The International Wonderland
Xindong Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing, China
Telephone 电话: +86 10 5086 7666

Shanghai 上海
Telephone 电话: +86 21 6390 1100

Xi’an 西安
Telephone 电话: +86 29 8836 0129

Chengdu 成都
Telephone 电话: +86 28 8774 7485

Nanjing 南京
Telephone 电话: +86 25 8370 8988

Hangzhou 杭州
Telephone 电话: +86 571 8577 9929

Haikou 海口
Telephone 电话: +86 898 6625 4181

Shenyang 沈阳
Telephone 电话: +86 24 2250 3388

Shenzhen 深圳
Telephone 电话: +86 755 8293 1899

Heze 菏泽
Telephone 电话: +86 530 5566148

Suzhou 苏州
Telephone 电话: +86 512 6758 6952

Guangzhou 广州
Telephone 电话: +86 20 3881 4651

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