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Tahota Law Firm

Chief Partner: Cheng Shoutai
Number of partners: 250
Number of associates: 580

Firm Overview

Established on May 25 2000, Tahota Law Firm has become a leading large and comprehensive law firm in China. It began its business in western China and now has branch offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guiyang, Jinan, Kunming, Lhasa, Tianjin, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Washington DC, Seoul and Busan.

Talented lawyers with a profound theoretical foundation and extensive practical experience are the cornerstone of Tahota Law Firm’s development. Tahota Law Firm pays great attention to its lawyers’ career development and has established a scientific management system, which has attracted more than 250 partners, 800 practicing lawyers and 1,300 employees. Most of its lawyers have graduated from renowned domestic and foreign law schools, while dozens of them have doctorates, overseas educational backgrounds and professional qualifications relating to the securities business, delimitation of state-owned property and patents, as well as being certified public accountants and certified tax agents, etc.

Knowledge management, with a focus on the development of key practice areas, has promoted Tahota Law Firm’s professionalisation. There are nearly 20 practice groups, which consist of professional lawyers led by partners with relevant expertise. They are dedicated to extensive and in-depth exploitation and business development in these practice areas, which has perfected Tahota Law Firm’s legal services in both traditional and emerging business fields. Tahota Law Firm has established a special business research department as its knowledge management platform to accumulate and manage knowledge from each field, promote knowledge exchange and usage among different practice groups and ensure the constant improvement of Tahota Law Firm’s overall service level. Increasing demands from high quality clients have urged Tahota Law Firm to constantly expand its legal services.

Tahota Law Firm has accumulated many long-term and stable clients all over China, covering a wide spectrum of sectors including government, finance, real estate, aviation, high-end manufacturing, environment protection, energy, medical care, commerce, tourism and culture, etc. In order to satisfy client demands for business expansion, Tahota Law Firm has also established a close working relationship with various professional institutions and associations around the world.

Key Practice Areas:

Corporate business; Real estate; Construction engineering; Foreign investment; Intellectual property; M&A; Finance & securities; Bankruptcy & liquidation; Administrative law & governmental legal affairs; Labour law; Private equity & venture capital; Overseas listing & financing; Overseas investment; Dispute settlement.

Contact us

16/F, Palm Springs International Centre
199 Middle Tianfu Avenue High-tech Zone
Chengdu 610041, China
Telephone +86 28 8662 5656
Fax +86 28 8525 6335
Email taihetai@tahota.com

Beijing • Shenzhen • Chongqing
Guiyang • Lhasa • Shanghai
Jinan • Kunming • Tianjin • Xi’an
Washington DC • Hong Kong
Seoul • Busan

Website www.tahota.com


首席合伙人: 程守太
现有合伙人: 250
现有律师: 580









邮编 610041
电话 +86 28 8662 5656
传真 +86 28 8525 6335
电邮 taihetai@tahota.com

北京 • 深圳 • 重庆 • 贵阳 • 拉萨
上海 • 济南 • 昆明 • 天津 • 西安
华盛顿 • 香港 • 首尔 • 釜山

网站 www.tahota.com

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