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James Chen

Managing Partner
Zhuoxin Law Firm

Tel: +86 20 3941 6888
Mobile: +86 139 2643 8766
Email: j.chen@zhuoxinlaw.com


Practice areas

Litigation and arbitration; Cross border insolvency; Foreign direct investment; Outbound investment


Since graduating from Sun Yat-sen University with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1994, James Chen has endeavoured in the legal profession for more than 20 years, and has worked and studied in countries like the UK, the US and Spain. He specializes in various areas, including FDI, M&A, outbound investment, foreign-related restructuring, cross-border liquidation and foreign-related litigation and arbitration. In addition, Chen has provided legal services to several Sino-foreign joint ventures, WOFEs and other PRC enterprises regarding their establishments, daily operations and M&As. He is also adept at providing professional legal opinions to clients in terms of commercial activities and business operations. He is currently a legal consultant to many well-known foreign-invested enterprises.

As project director, Chen has positively participated in many large-scale cross-border liquidation and reorganization projects for overseas and Hong Kong-listed enterprises, such as Moulin International Holdings, Tack Fat Group International, Peace Mark (Holdings), Asia Aluminum (China), Sino Environment, China National Packaging Corp and China Metal Recycling (Holding). Besides, he is experienced in representing clients in many large-value commercial arbitration and litigation cases regarding investment disputes or trade disputes between foreign enterprises and PRC enterprises, some of which are even listed entities from Hong Kong and other countries. Chen has also been selected to be one of the leading lawyers on international practice and “Belt and Road” cross-border practice by All China Lawyers Association, and one of the leading lawyers on international practice by Guangdong Lawyers Association. He has been selected to be one of the top 10 Guangzhou Foreign-related Lawyers by Guangzhou Lawyers Association. He currently practices as an arbitrator in many arbitration commissions, for example in Guangzhou, Hefei and Nanchang.

Apart from plentiful achievements in his law career, Chen has been actively participating in many social activities and, as such, has a good reputation in the profession. Meanwhile, he has many social positions, including being member of the Council of Guangzhou Lawyers Association, vice-president of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Foreign Affair Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association and director of the Specialized Committee of Foreign-related Legal Service in Guangzhou Lawyers Association.

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