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Liu Hong

Hylands Law Firm

Tel: +86 10 6502 8888
Email: liuhong@hylandslaw.com


Practice areas

Dispute resolution; Companies and investments; Bankruptcy, restructuring and disposal of special assets; Capital market


Liu Hong, a director at Hylands Law Firm, graduated from China University of Political Science and Law before working as a judge at the court in Beijing Chongwen District from 1981 to 1988. Between 1988 and 1992, Liu was with Beijing Second Law Firm as a lawyer before joining Beijing North Law Firm until 2002 as partner and then as director. In 2002, Liu joined Beijing Hao Tian Law Office, which was folded into Hylands in 2007. Since then, Liu has been a director. He has theoretical literacy and extensive working experience, providing legal services across finance, real estate, corporate and investment, energy and mining, infrastructure services and other litigation and non-litigation areas. Liu focuses on summarizing business experience and has, contributed many papers to legal journals, as well as publishing Tax Payment Operations and Tax Agency and other books. Liu has also provided legal advice and case analysis to China Economic Times and Legal Daily and other journals on legal issues related to financial and securities. He focuses not only on the legal services, but also has in-depth understanding of the business environment and rules, which have been applied to legal services. Based on his judgment and arbitration experience, Liu provides well-constructed and practicable legal solutions to every case and every client he has been advising on many Sino-foreign joint ventures, overseas investment companies and projects across introduction of complete sets of equipment, international commercial loans, initial public offerings real-estate disputes and others. Among his clients are China Development Bank, Minsheng Bank, Huaxia Bank, Bank of Beijing and other financial institutions, as well as BAIC,Construction Engineering Group, CITIC Group, Huawei and many other renowned entitiies, and the Winter Olympic Committee, Tsinghua University, Public Security University, Administration Bureau for Organs Directly under the Authority of the CPC Central Committee, China Medical Foundation and other public institutions and industry associations. Clients and peers widely recognize Liu for his high standards and professional services.

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