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Liu Zunsi

Merits & Tree Law Offices

Tel: +86 10 5650 0976
Email: zunsi.liu@meritsandtree.com


Practice areas

Corporate investment and financing; Real estate/construction; Finance (financial leasing/commercial factoring/microfinance); Dispute resolution


Liu Zunsi, who graduated from Dalian Maritime University School of Law with a master’s degree in law, has more than a decade of experience as a lawyer. He has extensive experience in corporate, banking and financing, company investments, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, construction and finance leasing, commercial factoring, microfinance and civil litigation, arbitration and administrative litigation related to the areas. Liu is very familiar with real estate and construction engineering, providing comprehensive legal services for real estate development companies, such as first-level development and secondary development (including project review, preliminary procedures, construction management, real estate sales) and property leasing. He also provides comprehensive legal services for pre-bidding, construction management, settlement and recovery of construction enterprise and design enterprise. Liu is particularly good at financials and provides a full range of services for several financial leasing companies, commercial factoring companies and microfinance companies. He has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, having represented clients in hundreds of lawsuits with respect to corporate equity, VAM, bond, financial leasing, private lending, development, transfer and construction of real estate, housing lease, contract, etc. In addition, Liu is committed to legal research in financial law and administrative law. He participated in the formulation and revision of the Beijing Urban and Rural Planning Regulations and Several Provisions on the Planning and Management of the Reconstruction and Expansion of Private Housing in Beijing. As the main author, he participated in the writing of Financing method in Financing Lease, Whose Cheese Has Been Moved by the “Five Don’ts” Notice with Respect to Notarization Practice, Comprehensive Study on Litigation and Reconsideration Cases Related to Planning Administration in Beijing, Study on Operating Mechanism of Litigation and Reconsideration Related to Planning Administration, and Study on the Management Measures for Designing Units to Participate in Illegal Construction. He has also published many papers, such as Study on Civil Liability of False Statements in Securities Markets, Analysis of Legal Status of Debtors in Subrogation Litigation, Protection and Restriction of Insurance Beneficiary Rights, On the Establishment of Life Insurance Contracts, etc.

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