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Zhong Lun Law Firm 25th Anniversary

Leading the PRC legal service market, Zhong Lun connects our clients with the globe.

Since our establishment, the firm has been fully dedicated to the urbanization of China from the perspective of legal counseling, which makes us one of the frontrunners in the real estate market, and our achievements do not end there. In FDI, Zhong Lun plays an integral role in the implementation of a host of high-profile large projects, thus introducing an endless influx of mature technology and governance schemes from abroad and helping to propel China’s two decades of robust growth. Capital markets also witness our triumph as we prove ourselves instrumental in the listing of many Chinese companies on major international stock exchanges and are without a doubt the go-to firm for businesses seeking IPO-related legal services, ranking number one in terms of the volume of our IPO business.

The landscape of world economy has shifted significantly as China rises. To better serve our country and our community, Zhong Lunhas dived into the going-global trends and bolstered up Chinese enterprises’ ever more international development. From becoming a WTO member to the “Belt and Road Initiative”, from the fresh opening up of PRC legal service markets in 1980s to this new era of the rule of law, by dint of top-notch expertise, Zhong Lun has witnessed history via in-depth participation in a multitude of sectors at all the milestones of China’s commercial development, serving established heavyweights and multinationals in the industries as well as fledgling companies who later become major players.

Zhong Lun has many fine-toned traditional strengths and also a good number of rapidly growing new practice areas. Our 28 areas are integrated and may complement each other, giving us a key competitive edge where we take the lead in both our legal and industrial expertise and forge a service platform with our comprehensive resources, and thanks to this immense capability, we have many a mega-projects under our belt.

As of now, with 16 offices worldwide, 290 partners and more than 2000 associates, we count among our clients 45% of China’s top 100 companies, 35% Fortune 500 companies and 70% of the companies under State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC).

China has entered the era of market economy, and Zhong Lun’s legendary journey continues. Facing the volatility brought by new areas such as AI and big data, the firm never deviates from our mission “to gather a distinguished collection of talents, to create excellent value for our society and to fully dedicate ourselves to China’s rule of law campaign”. We focus on building a professional, standardized and people-oriented service platform and keep to our core values of “professionalism, entrepreneurism, inclusion and collaboration”, both are of vital importance to our rapid and sustainable development.

As a top-class law firm carved by a rich history, we are most grateful and never fail to give back to this great time we are in. Since its founding in 2010, Zhong Lun Charity Fund has actively taken part in a great variety of charitable campaigns in joint efforts with the social elites to gather every gesture of kindness, whether big or small, to pave way to a kind and warm society.

In 2018, Zhong Lun welcomes the 25th anniversary of our firm. To maintain our top spot in the market, we give our clients top priority and assist them with our outstanding professional abilities. In doing so, we become part of the force that moves China’s legal reform forward and ushers in a true golden age for PRC lawyers.

For further details about Zhong Lun’s 25th anniversary, please visit www.zhonglun.com or follow our official wechat account


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