Ex-Trilegal partner establishes climate change NGO

climate change
Ajay Raghavan

Ajay Raghavan, a partner in the employment practice at Trilegal’s Bengaluru office, has stepped down from the partnership to pursue his passion for climate change.

Raghavan set up the NGO called the Initiative for Climate Action in April to work on climate action at a city level. “I intend to bring together key stakeholders from the government, business, social and citizen groups to work collaboratively towards building a sustainable future for Bengaluru,” said Raghavan.

The non-profit is working on creating awareness about the climate issues affecting the city and training advocates to achieve climate action goals.

After setting up an employment practice within the firm, Raghavan was building up the climate change practice throughout last year. As India still lacks the ecosystem of solutions that are available globally, Raghavan decided to step down from the partnership to work entirely on catalyzing the ecosystem in India.

“The best science in the world is telling us the next decade is going to be significantly more challenging for living beings across this planet,” said Raghavan. “The new reality will have a far-reaching impact on businesses, livelihood, migration and pretty much everything else we know.” He believes it’s imperative that more people start to work on finding solutions around climate change.