Federal & Rashmikant, one of Mumbai’s top litigation and real estate firms, will be splitting from 1 January 2019. The firm’s two senior partners, Muffazal Federal and C Rashmikant, will be going their separate ways to pursue their individual visions of future growth. A veteran Mumbai lawyer who did not want to be named said he was “not happy to hear about the split” at the highly sought after, but publicity shy, firm.

While 20 lawyers are expected to move along with Rashmikant, who heads the firm’s litigation practice, eight lawyers will remain with Federal, who heads the real estate practice. The litigation practice is already looking to hire more lawyers.

Federal and Rashmikant have been together since 1975. The firm built up an enviable roster of clients, including fellow lawyer Cyril Shroff, who it represented in 2014 in litigation that followed the demise of his mother, and the law firm Little & Co, which it represented during the breakup of its merger with Fox Mandal. In recent years Federal’s son Murtuza Federal and Rashmikant’s son Rohan Dakshini have joined the firm.