Finding himself in a highly competitive industry, Peter Zhang is required to take into consideration both legal compliance and business requirements. He shares his views on the role of a corporate counsel with Richard Li

It simply is not enough to understand the law. To be a good inhouse counsel, one has to have an extensive understanding of the industry.” This is Peter Zhang’s idea of what makes an outstanding corporate counsel. His clear vision is perhaps a result of his industry background.

Zhang currently serves as general counsel of Sony Mobile Communications (China), responsible for legal affairs in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. He previously held positions as inhouse counsel of multinational giants Ericsson and Yahoo!, which once dominated the internet and telecommunications markets.

Finding balance-Peter ZhangThe fierce competition in the telecom industry can be unforgiving as upgrade cycles continue to shrink. Today’s market leader may be tomorrow’s hasbeen if its pace slackens ever so slightly. Perhaps this heightened Zhang’s awareness of the many important extralegal factors to success.

Increased competition is the direction many industries are trending, not just telecommunications. With such high stakes, corporate counsel need to have a clearer definition of their roles.

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