Former L&S partner starts own firm


Former equity partner at Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan (L&S) S Seetharaman began his own law firm, Seetharaman & Associates (S&A) in New Delhi, with Atul Sharma, the former managing director of L&S’ Geneva office.

S SeetharamanSeetharaman & Associates
S Seetharaman
Seetharaman & Associates

Seetharaman and Sharma left L&S in early October this year. Seetharaman said he wanted to create a firm that focuses on the delivery of professional services. “We would like to spend more time in the delivery of professional services than on doing administrative work. In a big law firm, it becomes unavoidable as one moves up in the hierarchy,” he told Asia Business Law Journal.

The members of the law firm would only have the designation of advocate. “I want to create an organization where everyone is treated like an advocate as opposed to associate, senior associate, principal associate, partner and so on,” said Seetharaman. “Such a stratified hierarchy is highly inappropriate in a professional setup, though it may be required in government departments or large commercial enterprises.” He admitted, though, that hierarchy could not altogether be eliminated.