Fox Mandal appoints new COO

Ramaswamy Balasubramanian

Fox Mandal & Associates has hired Ramaswamy Balasubramanian as its new chief operating officer (COO).

Balasubramanian will oversee the operations of Fox Mandal and its strategic ambitions.

He will also serve as director of infrastructure advisory at FM Advisory Services, under the Fox Mandal Group.

“Ramaswamy has done outstanding work in the past few years, and I am sure the firm will be able to attain new heights under his aegis,” said Fox Mandal managing partner, Shuva Mandal.

Prior to joining Fox Mandal, Balasubramanian was CEO of SCIL India, a large engineering contractor in India, and director of Feedback Infra. He has also worked on projects for Coca-Cola and Global Procurement Consultants.