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November 2019

  • Looking beyond litigation for resolving disputes
  • Freeing corporate law from criminalization
  • Rising Stars: 50 law firms that are making a mark
  • Have courts done enough on workplace harassment?
  • Baker McKenzie’s new chair on India, trade war and firm’s future

October 2019

  • Succession planning at India’s iconic law firms
  • Why lawyers need to lose the legalese
  • Revealed: India’s A-List lawyers and icons
  • Labour law reforms fail employers and employees
  • Billing rates survey: Rising fees and falling margins

September 2019

  • In-house counsel snaps back at US IP report’s rebuke of India
  • AI’s rise demands regulatory reboot
  • Women lawyers’ quest for inclusive profession
  • Why insurance sandbox needs greater flexibility
  • Competition law: Assessing global TMT mergers

July/August 2019

  • Interview with MahaRERA chief Gautam Chatterje
  • Why India’s arbitration ambitions are a hard sell
  • Outgoing GC says governance reforms afoot at ADB
  • Steering clear of conflicts of interest in private equity
  • State of play: Indian law firms beset by market challenges

June 2019

  • Wish List: What lawyers want from the new government
  • Skipping out on provident fund contributions
  • The unenviable role of independent directors
  • Which are the top foreign firms for India-related work?
  • Taking stock of GDPR’s impact a year since introduction

May 2019

  • Why are Jet Airways’ creditors stalling on bankruptcy proceedings?
  • Ban on legal practice by Big Four raises questions
  • Is it time for India to embrace dual-class shares?
  • RERA has ushered in transparency, but concerns remain
  • New advertising laws: A move away from self-regulation

April 2019

  • Anti-counterfeiting measures in draft e-commerce policy risk slowing down online trade
  • Can commercial courts unclog the legal system?
  • Complying with new insider trading regulations
  • In numbers: Parliament’s performance in past five years
  • Why India’s first SEP judgment is for the greater good

March 2019

  • World’s top 100 India-focused legal expert revealed
  • Challenges and opportunities of Brexit
  • Candid conversations with women litigators
  • Drawing the fine ethical line between AI and us
  • How to implement sound risk management practices

February 2019

  • What to do when staff badmouth your company on social media
  • Indian Law Firm Awards
  • Up close with IndiGo GC Priya Mehra
  • Fire safety laws: More than a tick-box exercise
  • Lord Goldsmith launches attack on Arbitration Bill

Dec 2018/Jan 2019

  • How IBC ties the fates of companies and stakeholders
  • 2018 Deals of the Year
  • Legal news that made headlines that year
  • In-house counsel peer into the crystal ball/span>
  • Legal frontiers: Innovations in emerging practice areas

November 2018

  • A call to arms on sexual harassment
  • POSH: What role should legal teams play?
  • Rising stars: 50 law firms that are on the ascent
  • Empowering internal complaints committees
  • Looking beyond the law to ensure gender parity

October 2018

  • Law firm billing rates are up, but clients still call the shots
  • Forging a new path for data localization
  • A-List: The definitive list of India’s top 100 lawyers
  • Tough going for students from lower-rung law schools
  • Plugging the gaps between regulation and technology

September 2018

  • When the patent office acts as India’s conscience
  • New legislation from parliament’s monsoon session
  • Gauging the role of social responsibility in law firms
  • Why Indian lawyers may not be competitive internationally
  • Competition and telecom regulators tussle over jurisdiction

July/August 2018

  • Are billing targets the best way to motivate law firm partners?
  • The state of India’s legal market
  • Rising to the challenges of blockchain and AI
  • The current system does not create a sufficient deterrence to counterfeiters
  • An examination of the overlap between the competition regulator and courts on IP disputes

June 2018

  • What an English court’s decision means for tycoons on the run
  • Top foreign law firms for India-related work
  • How law firms and in-house teams avoid conflicts of interest
  • A modern-day general counsel’s role goes much beyond a lawyer on a payroll
  • Why fear virtual currencies?

May 2018

  • Insolvency code: Investors continue to face daunting challenges
  • Fake news and the challenge for traditional media
  • How EU’s GDPR affects Indian companies
  • Vodafone case a gauge for how the courts exercise powers in treaty disputes
  • Alternatives should be available for lawyers who cannot or do not want to work long hours

April 2019

  • Smart strategies to protect your marks inside and outside the courts
  • How to prevent former employees from misusing confidential information
  • What are the must-have legal software products for in-house counsel?
  • Fake news: a real problem
  • Why some national law firms struggle to survive in Hyderabad

March 2018

  • LOCKED OUT! What now for foreign law firms?
  • How clever marketing can build your brand
  • Parliament’s winter session: A legal report
  • Removing the hurdles faced by women lawyers
  • A GC explains ‘management by walking around’

February 2018

  • Are corporate counsel associations living up to the expectations of GCs?
  • Indian Law Firm Awards 2017
  • Ethics and profitable investing
  • Budget 2018: Analysis of tax law changes
  • China’s Belt and Road initiative: A road worth taking?

Dec 2017/Jan 2018

  • Deals of the year 2017
  • India in 2018: In-house counsel predictions for the year ahead
  • The clash between foreign arbitral awards and domestic regulations
  • How the insolvency code was used in the real estate sector
  • Examining India’s efforts to build an intellectual property eco-system

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