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May 2020

  • Moving past the pandemic
  • Are you being watched?
  • Surviving a ‘new normal’
  • COVID-19: Continuity of contracts
  • A tool for financial trouble

April 2020

  • Slowing the Free Fall
  • Indian Law Firm Awards
  • Cybersecurity: The perils of working from home
  • COVID-19 provides shot in the arm for e-contracts
  • How will India’s courts handle pandemic-related disputes?

March 2020

  • A new dawn: Waking up to the legal challenges posed by the pandemic
  • Women in law: Battle for gender parity far from won
  • Patent office urged to adopt more applicant-friendly policies
  • Should homebuyers still take the RERA route in insolvencies?

February 2020

  • India unplugged: How do internet shutdowns aimed at curbing dissent affect the digital economy?
  • Was walking away from RCEP negotiations a mistake?
  • Revealed: The top India experts at foreign law firms
  • GCs should focus on what’s right, not just what’s legal

November 2019

  • Looking beyond litigation for resolving disputes
  • Freeing corporate law from criminalization
  • Rising Stars: 50 law firms that are making a mark
  • Have courts done enough on workplace harassment?

October 2019

  • Succession planning at India’s iconic law firms
  • Why lawyers need to lose the legalese
  • Revealed: India’s A-List lawyers and icons
  • Labour law reforms fail employers and employees

September 2019

  • In-house counsel snaps back at US IP report’s rebuke of India
  • AI’s rise demands regulatory reboot
  • Women lawyers’ quest for inclusive profession
  • Why insurance sandbox needs greater flexibility

July/August 2019

  • Interview with MahaRERA chief Gautam Chatterje
  • Why India’s arbitration ambitions are a hard sell
  • Outgoing GC says governance reforms afoot at ADB
  • Steering clear of conflicts of interest in private equity

June 2019

  • Wish List: What lawyers want from the new government
  • Skipping out on provident fund contributions
  • The unenviable role of independent directors
  • Which are the top foreign firms for India-related work?

May 2019

  • Why are Jet Airways’ creditors stalling on bankruptcy proceedings?
  • Ban on legal practice by Big Four raises questions
  • Is it time for India to embrace dual-class shares?

April 2019

  • Anti-counterfeiting measures in draft e-commerce policy risk slowing down online trade
  • Can commercial courts unclog the legal system?

March 2019

  • World’s top 100 India-focused legal expert revealed
  • Challenges and opportunities of Brexit
  • Candid conversations with women litigators

February 2019

  • What to do when staff badmouth your company on social media
  • Indian Law Firm Awards
  • Up close with IndiGo GC Priya Mehra

Dec 2018/Jan 2019

  • How IBC ties the fates of companies and stakeholders
  • 2018 Deals of the Year
  • Legal news that made headlines that year

November 2018

  • A call to arms on sexual harassment
  • POSH: What role should legal teams play?
  • Rising stars: 50 law firms that are on the ascent

October 2018

  • Law firm billing rates are up, but clients still call the shots
  • Forging a new path for data localization
  • A-List: The definitive list of India’s top 100 lawyers

September 2018

  • When the patent office acts as India’s conscience
  • New legislation from parliament’s monsoon session
  • Gauging the role of social responsibility in law firms

July/August 2018

  • Are billing targets the best way to motivate law firm partners?
  • The state of India’s legal market
  • Rising to the challenges of blockchain and AI

June 2018

  • What an English court’s decision means for tycoons on the run
  • Top foreign law firms for India-related work
  • How law firms and in-house teams avoid conflicts of interest

May 2018

  • Insolvency code: Investors continue to face daunting challenges
  • Fake news and the challenge for traditional media
  • How EU’s GDPR affects Indian companies

April 2019

  • Smart strategies to protect your marks inside and outside the courts
  • How to prevent former employees from misusing confidential information
  • What are the must-have legal software products for in-house counsel?

March 2018

  • LOCKED OUT! What now for foreign law firms?
  • How clever marketing can build your brand
  • Parliament’s winter session: A legal report

February 2018

  • Are corporate counsel associations living up to the expectations of GCs?
  • Indian Law Firm Awards 2017
  • Ethics and profitable investing

Dec 2017/Jan 2018

  • Deals of the year 2017
  • India in 2018: In-house counsel predictions for the year ahead

November 2017

  • A call to arms on sexual harassment
  • POSH: What role should legal teams play?
  • Rising stars: 50 law firms that are on the ascent

October 2017

  • 2017 billing rates survey: 82 Indian law firms disclose their fees
  • New guidance for strengthening antitrust compliance
  • Why successful M&A deals need scrutiny by keen eyes

September 2017

  • Jolt of speed for a snail-paced system
  • J Lack of clarity over GST confuses businesses
  • Scrutinizing the effectiveness of the insolvency code

July/August 2017

  • Legal challenges cast long shadow on infrastructure
  • Regulations play catch-up with fintech
  • Expert counsel ponders worth of GCs

June 2017

  • 10 years: A decade of documenting legal developments
  • Crime in cyberspace: Remedies and recourse for victims of cyber-attacks

May 2017

  • The right formula: Managing 7,000+ agrochemical trademarks
  • Why African and Indian law firms should form partnerships
  • Working towards a mega regional trade agreement

April 2017

  • Private equity investors get hungry for control
  • Cherie Blair talks trade, equality and cooperation
  • Will India ever permit the arbitration of competition law matters?

March 2017

  • Her Place in Justice: What factors affect the rise of women in India’s judiciary?
  • What every business should know about GAAR
  • Privacy matters: The case for a multilateral data protection framework

February 2017

  • MONEY MATTERS: What the budget means for your business
  • Indian Law Firm Awards 2016
  • The perils of delegated legislation

December 2016/January 2017

  • HALTING HARASSMENT: The realities of legally protecting women in the workplace
  • 2016 Deals of the Year
  • Giving back: From lawyering to philanthropy

November 2016

  • GOING PUBLIC: Regulatory hurdles stand tall as India’s stock exchanges prepare to list
  • Legal process outsourcing awards
  • How to form a successful joint venture in India

October 2016

  • The A-List: India Business Law Journal reveals the country’s top 100 lawyers
  • Indian law firms reveal their hourly fees
  • What companies should do before Brexit

September 2016

  • GETTING TO GRIPS WITH GST: The challenges facing companies as India’s new tax regime nears
  • Dissecting the Tata-Docomo conflict

July/August 2016

  • India’s patent predicament: The battle between innovators, multinationals and the public
  • Marks in trouble: Navigating Nepal’s trademark laws
  • Singapore’s chief justice in quest for unity

June 2016

  • Rewriting the rules: India eyes new roadmap for well-known trademarks
  • Masala bonds: Too hot to handle?
  • Movers and shakers: Riding the recruitment merry-go-round

May 2016

  • Make in India: The colourful realities on the ground
  • Brooding over Brexit: How would Brexit affect India?
  • Buying into business ethics: why general counsel should make corporate sustainability a priority

April 2016

  • Make in India: The colourful realities on the ground
  • Brooding over Brexit: How would Brexit affect India?
  • Buying into business ethics: why general counsel should make corporate sustainability a priority

March 2016

  • New hope for creditors: Will the bankruptcy code boost debt recovery?
  • Digital dreams: Paperless courts
  • The curious case of FAQs: Financial regulation and FAQ fixes

February 2016

  • Sea change: Charting India’s offshore opportunities
  • Indian law firm awards 2015
  • Decoding the bankruptcy code: Changes to the insolvency regime will boost credit markets and entrepreneurship

December 2015/January 2016

  • In the spotlight: PK Malhotra and Sudhanshu Pandey talk reform
  • India in 2016
  • 2015 Deals of the Year

November 2015

  • Chasing capital: What’s in store for cash-hungry companies?
  • The menace of media piracy
  • Legal process outsourcing awards

October 2015

  • Breaking bottlenecks: Strategies for speeding up dispute resolution
  • The rampant rise of forum shopping
  • 75 Indian law firms reveal their hourly fees

September 2015

  • Roadblock to reform: Why rampant rule breaking is holding India back
  • Patent pulse with Natco and Cipla

July/August 2015

  • Nestlé’s noodle nightmare: Maggi fiasco rings alarms over regulatory ambiguity
  • Criminalizing civil disputes
  • Embracing biodiversity

June 2015

  • Clash of the titans: Recruitment frenzy as Shroffs vie for dominance
  • How Bangalore’s legal market is changing to meet demand
  • Flaws exposed in due diligence practices

May 2015

  • Tips for success when tapping India’s capital markets
  • The risks of media meddling in trials
  • Professional indemnity cover gains ground

April 2015

  • Faces behind the marks Brand managers reveal hopes, fears and preferred law firms
  • Trademark troubles
  • Glenmark’s battle with Merck

March 2015

  • Implications and action points for in-house counsel
  • Preparing for the introduction of GST
  • The challenges facing India’s legal profession

February 2015

  • The complexities of closing a factory in India
  • Indian Law Firm Awards
  • How Tata tapped the debt markets

December 2014/January 2015

  • Opening up? Liberalizing the legal market is back on the agenda
  • India in 2015
  • Deals of the Year 2014

November 2014

  • In-house counsel trade tips on IP protection
  • Plugging gaps in legal education
  • Legal Process Outsourcing Awards

October 2014

  • Moves to make India’s arbitration law fit for purpose
  • Survey of law firm billing rates
  • Examining Enercon: a failed joint venture

September 2014

  • Infrastructure climbs to the top of the agenda
  • Reviving foreign investment
  • Protecting minority shareholders

July/August 2014

  • What Modi’s reforms mean for foreign investors
  • India Business Law Directory, 2014
  • The nitty gritty of India’s annual budget

June 2014

  • Modi’s landslide: What now for the business of law and the laws of business?
  • Shedding assets in times of trouble
  • Going the extra mile to close an M&A deal

May 2014

  • Tips from practitioners and in-house counsel
  • Managing risk in uncertain times
  • The IP threats facing Indian globetrotters

April 2014

  • Temple prevails in geographical indication fight
  • Intellectual property in numbers
  • Complying with new CSR provisions

March 2014

  • Three voices from corporate legal teams
  • Why India’s labour laws need work
  • Complying with advertising regulations

February 2014

  • Legal challenge threatens Jet-Etihad deal
  • Indian Law Firm Awards
  • When bank guarantees go to court

December 2013/January 2014

  • Power shifts to in-house counsel
  • India in 2014
  • Deals of the Year 2013

November 2013

  • Arbitration fails to prevail over litigation
  • Intellectual property mind games s
  • A call to improve ECB regulations s

October 2013

  • Top lawyers talk candidly about economic revival
  • Survey of law firm billing rates
  • How secure are your IT systems?

September 2013

  • Taxation nightmares spook investors
  • Drilling into oil and gas contracts
  • Evaluating India’s new Companies Act

July/August 2013

  • Rising to the challenge of a falling rupee
  • Behind the Suzlon restructuring
  • Life at the IPAB after Prabha Sridevan

June 2013

  • Is India’s competition watchdog up to the task it has set itself?
  • Scrutinizing India’s solar power policies
  • The top foreign law firms for India deals

May 2013

  • The key bills passing through India’s parliament
  • Jumping through hoops in Asia-Pacific
  • Interview with InterGlobe’s general counsel

April 2013

  • 50 Indian IP firms you should know about
  • A test case for standard-essential patents
  • What in-house counsel want from law firms

March 2013

  • How to revive India’s flagging infrastructure sector
  • Mauritius eyes new horizons
  • Are lawyers ignoring their spirituality?

February 2013

  • 2012 Indian Law Firm Awards
  • The importance of good legal drafting
  • The challenges behind Bharti Infratel’s IPO

December 2012/January 2013

  • Heir to the throne? Law firms grapple with succession planning
  • India in 2013
  • 2012 Deals of the Year

November 2012

  • A losing battle? – Delays and high costs dash dispute resolution hopes
  • The argument for mediation
  • 2012 Legal Process Outsourcing Awards

October 2012

  • Any takers? Reforms aim to whet investor appetites
  • Kerala’s evolving legal market
  • 2012 survey of law firm billing rates

September 2012

  • Beating a retreat? Foreign law firms rethink their India strategies
  • Unlocking the retail market
  • Antitrust laws raise directors’ liabilities

July/August 2012

  • Queuing up to leave: The challenges of exiting Indian investments
  • Clearing legal hurdles in the US
  • Disputes over buybacks baffle investors

June 2012

  • Recovering from a stall: What can propel India’s airlines to soar again?
  • Real estate riddles
  • Investors lament lack of exits

May 2012

  • Frustrated funds: Can a new regulator free up private equity?
  • The truth about senior counsel
  • Minority shareholder fights Coal India

April 2012

  • Can IP be owned in India?
  • Wockhardt’s debt restructuring
  • Battling employee misconduct online

March 2012

  • A fine balance: Managing the risks and opportunities of the euro crisis
  • How to use indemnity clauses
  • In-house legal teams rise to prominence

February 2012

  • Hard labour: Grappling with India’s employment laws
  • 2011 Indian Law Firm Awards
  • Why corporate executives could face jail

December 2011/January 2012

  • Tooling up: Skills shortage and inadequate laws hamper restructuring
  • India in 2012
  • The Deals of the Year

November 2011

  • Calculated moves: Indian investors rethink outbound strategies
  • 2011 Legal Process Outsourcing Awards
  • Can Tata’s successor rise to the occasion?

October 2011

  • Surveying the field: Predators empowered by new takeover code
  • Due diligence: what lies beneath?
  • Keeping up with competition laws

September 2011

  • The many faces of arbitration: Which forum has the right features for your business?
  • Counsel’s IP questions answered
  • A case study of corporate compliance

July/August 2011

  • Who’s who? The blurred lines between lawmakers and legal advisers
  • What’s gone wrong with arbitration?
  • The truth behind the 2G spectrum scam

June 2011

  • Mixed signals: Contradictions beset India’s competition law
  • Taking a gamble on gaming
  • Insurance: the long wait for reform

May 2011

  • Mutiny in the boardroom: Wayward subsidiary quashes its owner’s IP rights
  • Interview with Gerhard Bauer
  • Regulating India’s corporate lobbyists

April 2011

  • Waiting for a nod: The Cairn-Vedanta deal hangs in the balance
  • Private equity in flux
  • Disassembling Hero Honda

March 2011

  • Tata and the turtles: Environmental activism triggers a trademark dispute
  • Battling the bribes
  • Bumpy road for infrastructure

February 2011

  • Law firms fall short on professional indemnity insurance
  • 2010 Indian Law Firm Awards
  • The lost generation of litigators

December 2012/January 2011

  • 2010 Deals of the Year
  • A new direction for PPPs?
  • Time to share: pro bono takes root

November 2010

  • Addressing the challenges of an open economy
  • The 2010 LPO Awards
  • LCIA India: a new brand of justice

October 2010

  • M&A revival adds colour to India Inc
  • Taxing times for offshore M&A
  • Forging partnerships in Latin America

September 2010

  • The battle to reform India’s sports laws
  • Managing the business of law
  • A case study of corporate complianceattraction

July/August 2010

  • Corporate liability fears resurface
  • C Striking gold with microfinance
  • C Grappling with UK advertising rules

June 2010

  • New securities rules spark liquidity fears
  • Arbitration: settling for less?
  • Repatriating funds from India

May 2010

  • India races to upgrade its IP infrastructure
  • How to open an office in India
  • Trouble overseas for domestic IP owners

April 2010

  • Can India deals spice up The City
  • Real estate revival takes hold
  • KSK soars on London Stock Exchange

March 2010

  • Regulatory turbulence threatens outbound investment
  • Solving the labour law puzzle
  • How Tata protects its intellectual property

February 2010

  • New money offers hope for infrastructure
  • 2009 Indian Law Firm Awards
  • What now for foreign lawyers?

December 2009/January 2010

  • 2009 Deals of the Year
  • The US FCPA: are you compliant?
  • Shopping for justice in India’s courts

November 2009

  • Singapore seeks ever-closer business ties
  • Top LPOs revealed
  • Cracking India’s new tax code

October 2009

  • Private equity investors return – with caution
  • Offshore financial centres eye India
  • Behind the Vétoquinol-Wockhardt deal

September 2009

  • Debate over law firm ‘marriages’ heats up
  • New regulator upholds fair play?
  • Winning approval for US takeovers

July/August 2009

  • India must show it means business
  • Tech Mahindra’s takeover of Satyam
  • The implications of the 2009 budget

June 2009

  • The top foreign firms for India work
  • LPO billing rates demystified
  • India’s election and the business of law

May 2009

  • Smart strategies to protect and enhance your IP portfolio
  • Rebuilding corporate India
  • The perils of patent outsourcing

April 2009

  • Foreign law firms face new hurdles in India race
  • Private equity returns
  • Bargain hunting in Europe

March 2009

  • Clients turn to LPOs to cut legal costs
    Investing in entertainment
  • Is there hope for crisis-hit deals?
  • A guide to India’s lesser-known law firms

February 2009

  • Slow road ahead for infrastructure
  • S How safe is India
  • S Satyam: the awful truth

December 2008/January 2009

  • Deals of the Year
  • Reflecting on a tragedy
  • Reforming the banking sector

November 2008

  • Will India be blown off course?
  • A passage to India
  • How to conduct an IP raid

October 2008

  • New York still shines as India legal hub
  • 2008 billing rates survey
  • Surviving the talent crunch