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Total number of professionals: 110 (34 partners)
Principal office: New Delhi
Other offices: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata

Key practice areas: Corporate M&A, foreign investment and joint ventures, private equity, banking & finance, project finance, disputes including international arbitration, regulatory & policy, infrastructure/projects & energy including PPP projects, environment, health & safety, intellectual property, labour and employment, real estate, securities & capital markets, taxation and TMT and competition & antitrust.

Our services: Since the firm’s inception in 2003, HSA Advocates (HSA) has consistently been recognized as one of India’s foremost and most trusted full-service legal advisers to corporates, financial institutions, PE and VC funds, governments and public sector enterprises. Drawing strength from the collective experience of its people, the exceptional diversity of its profiles and deep sector understanding, at HSA each and every lawyer invests in servicing clients with the utmost sincerity and keeping the client’s interest paramount. This is demonstrated by the high level of commitment and the ability to find pragmatic solutions that are unique and rooted in deep insights of a client’s business.


事务所简介:自2003年成立以来,HSA Advocates (HSA)律师事务所一直被认为是印度最重要和最值得信赖的、并向公司、金融机构、私募股权和风险投资基金、政府和公共领域企业提供全方面法律服务的律师事务所之一。通过吸取集体经验的优势、背景的多样性以及对行业的深刻理解,HSA的每一位律师都以最大的诚意服务客户,并确保客户的利益最大。这一点可以通过我们为客户找到独特、扎根于对客户业务深刻理解的务实解决方法的高度承诺和能力所体现。


事務所概要:2003年の当事務所の設立当初から、HSA Advocates(HSA)は、法人、金融機関、PE(プライベートエクイティ)およびVC(ベンチャーキャピタル)ファンド、政府および公営企業に対する、インドのトップクラスかつ最も信頼できる総合サービスの法律アドバイザーの1つとして一貫して認められてきました。スタッフの集合的な経験、非常に多彩なプロフィール、および部門に関する深い理解から力を引き出しているHSAの弁護士一人ひとりは、最大限の誠意をもってクライアントにサービスを提供し、クライアントの利益を最優先に考えています。そのため、高水準のコミットメント、および独創的かつクライアントの事業の深い洞察に根差した実際的な解決策を見出す能力が証明されています。

주요 업무 분야: 기업 인수 합병, 외국 투자 및 합작 투자, 사모 펀드, 은행 및 금융, 프로젝트 파이낸싱, 국제 중재, 규제 및 정책, PPP 프로젝트, 환경, 보건 및 안전, 지적 재산권, 노동 및 고용을 포함한 인프라 / 프로젝트 및 에너지 등의 분쟁, 부동산, 증권 및 자본 시장, 세금 및 TMT 및 경쟁 및 독점 금지.

회사개요: HSA Advocates 는 2003 년 회사 설립과 동시에 기업, 금융 기관, PE 및 VC 펀드, 정부 및 공공 부문 기업에 대한 인도의 가장 신뢰받는 풀 서비스 법률 고문 중 하나로 인식되어 왔다. HSA Advocates 에서 각자의 변호사는 고객의 공동 경험, 그 프로파일의 탁월한 다양성 및 심층 부문 이해를 바탕으로 각자의 변호사에게 최선을 다하고 고객의 관심을 최우선으로 생각한다. 이는 고객의 비즈니스에 대한 깊이있는 통찰력에 독특하고 뿌리를 둔 실용적인 솔루션을 찾을 수있는 높은 수준의 약속과 능력에 의해 입증된다.

Solutions to PPP challenges in infrastructure sector

By Amit Ronald Charan and Rashi Arora, HSA Advocates
India is potentially the largest global market for public-private partnerships (PPP) thanks to the growing number of PPP projects in the past 15 years....

PPP model for railways – the viable future option?

By Geeta Saha, Mrinal Vashishtha and Shivam Jatadhari, HSA Advocates
Indian Railways, state-owned by the Ministry of Railways, has been the backbone of India’s mass public transportation network for decades. The Indian railway network...

Value capture financing – legal issues and challenges

By Soumya Kanti De Mallik, Prithviraj Chauhan and Kshitij Gupta, HSA Advocates
India’s Smart Cities Mission signals a shift towards strategic planning in urban development. Transit-oriented development (TOD) is promoted under smart cities as an urban...
public transport

Building electric public transport infrastructure

By Akshay Malhotra and Esha Nair, HSA Advocates
In a country largely dependent on public transportation, it is important to adopt eco-friendly modes of transportation. The government has set a target of...
Smart cities mission

Smart cities mission risks ushering in Orwellian future

By Rachika A Sahay and Aakash Sharma, HSA Advocates
The Smart Cities Mission was launched by the government in June 2015 with a goal to develop 100 smart cities by 2020 (the deadline...


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