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Juris Corp

Total number of professionals: 75 (11 partners)
Principal office: Mumbai
Other offices: New Delhi, Bengaluru

Key practice areas: Banking & finance, competition law, corporate commercial & M&A, derivatives & regulatory, dispute resolution, insolvency & bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, media & entertainment, private equity, real estate, securities, startups and structured finance.

Our services: Juris Corp is a law firm which aims to provide unbiased and unmatched legal services in our areas of practice. Our objective is to be the preferred law firm for our clients and to take that relationship forward by becoming more than a legal adviser – being their business adviser.

For a firm of our size, we are humbled by the fact that year on year some of the best names in the globe have chosen us to act for them on some of the largest and most complex transactions.

According to our clients, we are known to “think ahead of the client”, “act in the best interests of our clients” and “work on bringing down unnecessary or avoidable legal costs through innovation and forward thinking”.

主要业务领域: 银行与金融,竞争法,公司商业与兼并收购,衍生品与监管,诉讼解决,破产,知识产权,媒体与娱乐,私募股权,房地产,证券,创业公司和结构性融资。

事务所简介: Juris Corp是一家旨在在我们的业务领域中提供公正和无与伦比法律服务的律师事务所。我们的目标是成为我们客户首选的律师事务所,并通过成为比法律顾问更进一步的商业顾问从而推进我们之间的关系。



主要業務分野: 銀行業務および財務、競争法、企業商業およびM&A、デリバティブおよび規制、紛争解決、倒産および破産、知的財産権、メディアおよびエンターテイメント、 プライベートエクイティ、不動産、有価証券、スタートアップ、ならびにストラクチャード・ファイナンス。

事務所概要: Juris Corpは、専門とする業務分野において公平かつ比類ない法律サービスを提供することを目指す法律事務所です。私たちの目標は、クライアントに選ばれる法律事務所であること、および法律アドバイザーにとどまらずビジネスのアドバイザーになることによって一歩進んだクライアントとの関係を構築することです。


주요 업무 분야: 금융 및 금융, 경쟁법, 기업 상업 및 M&A, 파생상품 및 규제, 분쟁 해결, 파산, 지적 재산권, 미디어 및 엔터테인먼트, 구조화된 주식, 부동산, 증권, 신생 창업 및 구조화 금융.

회사개요: 주리스는 실무 분야에서 공정하고 비길 데 없는 법률 서비스를 제공하는 것을 목표로 하는 법률 회사입니다. 우리의 목표는 고객들이 선호하는 법률 회사가 되어 그들의 비즈니스 조언자가 되는 것 이상의 법률 고문이 됨으로써 그 관계를 진전시키는 것입니다.

회사의 규모에 있어, 주리스는 매년 세계 최고의 이름들 중 몇 개가 가장 크고 복잡한 몇몇 거래에서 당사를 선택했다는 사실에 겸허해 합니다.

고객에 따르면, 주리스는 “고객보다 앞서 생각하고”, “고객에게 최선의 이익이 되도록 행동하라” 그리고 “혁신과 진보적인 사고를 통해 불필요하거나 피할 수 있는 법적 비용을 낮추기 위해 노력하고 있다”고 알려져 있습니다.

The final verdict on ULIPs: has SEBI lost?

By Bharat Budholia, Juris Corp
The five-month-long proxy battle between the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) has ended abruptly. On...

The Indian politicians (at it again) league

By Anahita Irani and Bharat Budholia, Juris Corp
Honore de Balzac once said: “Behind every great fortune there is a crime”. The third season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) attracted more than...

The regulators proxy battle continues

By Prachi Loona and Bharat Budholia, Juris Corp
The tussle between the two regulators which we discussed in this column in March is now turning into a full blown legal battle. This...

Draft guidelines on short-term NCDs: key issues

By Prachi Loona and Suprio Bose, Juris Corp
With a view to regulating short-term debentures, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) placed on its website on 3 November 2009 draft guidelines on...

Unit-linked insurance plans: deviating from insurance?

By Sonali Sharma and Bharat Budholia, Juris Corp
There are regulatory arbitrages and then there are arbitrages between regulators. Regulatory arbitrages are not uncommon. What may be uncommon is a regulator mediating...


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Jayesh H


Jayesh H

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