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Total number of professionals: 87 (15 partners)
Offices: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai

Key practice areas: Antitrust & competition, banking & finance, corporate commercial advisory, disputes (arbitration & litigation), energy, oil & gas, environment, employment & industrial relations, foreign investment & exchange control, infrastructure, insurance, intellectual property, joint ventures, foreign & technical collaboration, mergers & acquisitions, mining & resources, private equity & funds, real estate, project finance, regulatory affairs, taxation, TMT, compliance, bribery & anti-corruption, insolvency & restructuring.

Our services: Phoenix Legal is one of India’s foremost full-service law firms. We advise a diverse clientele, which includes domestic and international companies, banks and financial institutions, funds, promoter groups and public sector undertakings. The firm distinguishes itself from conventional firms with its high level of partner involvement and its approach to providing commercial solutions on the basis of detailed legal research. Phoenix Legal has consistently achieved highest client satisfaction ratings among top Indian law firms and has been recognized year-on-year in Asian law firm awards.


事务所简介:Phoenix Legal律师事务所是印度最重要的、提供全方位法律服务的律师事务所之一。我们为多元化的客户群体提供服务,包括国内和国际公司、银行和金融机构、基金、发起人集团和公共事业部门。区别于传统的律师事务所,Phoenix Legal律师事务所的合伙人参与度很高,并且在详细的法律研究基础上提供商业解决方案。在印度的顶尖律师事务所中,Phoenix Legal律师事务所的客户满意度一直非常高,并且多年获得亚洲律师事务所大奖。


事務所概要:Phoenix Legalは、インドにおけるトップクラスの総合サービス法律事務所の1つです。私たちは、国内外の会社、銀行および金融機関、ファンド、発起人グループならびに公営企業を含む、多様な依頼人にアドバイスを行っています。当事務所は、高いレベルのパートナーの関与、および詳細な法的調査に基づく商業上の解決策を提供するアプローチにより、従来型の事務所との差別化を図っています。Phoenix Legalは、インドの上位の法律事務所の中で、常に最高のクライアント満足度を達成しており、アジアの法律事務所の賞を毎年受賞しています。

주요 업무 분야: 독점 및 소송, 에너지, 석유 및 가스, 환경, 고용 및 산업 관계, 외상 투자 및 외환 관리, 인프라, 보험, 지적 재산권, 합작 투자, 외국 투자 및 금융 거래, 합작 및 인수, 광업 및 자원, 사모 펀드 및 펀드, 부동산, 프로젝트 파이낸싱, 규제 업무, 세법, TMT, 준수, 뇌물 및 부패 방지, 부실 및 구조 조정 등.

회사개요: Phoenix Legal은 인도 최고의 서비스 법률 회사 중 하나다. 당사는 국내외 기업, 은행 및 금융 기관, 기금, 발기인 그룹 및 공공 부문 사업자 등 다양한 고객에게 조언하며 높은 수준의 파트너 참여와 구체적인 법적 연구를 기반으로 상용 솔루션을 제공하는 방식으로 로펌 회사와 차별화를 둔다 . Phoenix Legal은 인도의 로펌 중 최고의 고객 만족도를 지속적으로 달성 해 왔으며 아시아 로펌 상을 수상한 바 있다.


Views on RBI’s new stressed asset resolution framework

By Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava, Phoenix Legal
The Supreme Court, in Dharani Sugars and Chemicals Ltd v Union of India, quashed the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) directions of 12 February...
Reserve Bank of India

RBI market abuse directions: A mature development

By Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava, Phoenix Legal
In June 2018, in what might have been considered a period of relative stability (given the events that transpired thereafter), the Reserve Bank of...

Taking a deeper look at changes to SBO regime

By Saket Shukla and Akshay Sachthey, Phoenix Legal
The Companies Act, 2013 (act) was amended in 2018 to introduce a regime for significant beneficial owners (SBO) of shares or companies. The SBO...

Voluntary retention route: A halfway measure?

By Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava, Phoenix Legal
The government and the financial sector regulators, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities and Exchange Board of Indian (SEBI), have considered...
Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava, Phoenix Legal

Revised ECB regulations: Old wine in new bottle

By Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava, Phoenix Legal
The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) statement on developmental and regulatory policies for December proposed “rationalizing” the external commercial borrowing (ECB) framework “with a...


Manjula Chawla
Abhishek Saxena
Sawant Singh


Manjula Chawla
Sawant Singh


Abhishek Saxena
Sawant Singh

Reserve Bank India

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