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Rahul Chaudhry & Partners

ESTABLISHED IN 1983 (formerly known as Lall Lahiri & Salhotra)
Total number of professionals: 64 (9 partners)
Principal office: New Delhi
Other office: Gurugram

Key practice areas: Intellectual property (IP), IP and non-IP litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution.

Our services: Rahul Chaudhry & Partners is one of the most distinguished and recognized intellectual property law firms in India, with a dynamic business solutions practice aimed at providing clients with comprehensive legal advisory services and solutions in multiple practice areas across all industrial sectors.

Our founders Amar Raj Lall, Monisha Lahiri and Anuradha Salhotra established the firm in 1983 as Lall Lahiri & Salhotra (LLS). In July 2007, the management of our firm was taken over by Rahul Chaudhry, who then went on to acquire 100% ownership rights in Lall Lahiri & Salhotra on 31 March 2013. As a part of the transition, the name of our firm has been changed from Lall Lahiri & Salhotra to Rahul Chaudhry & Partners. The team, team composition and team structure, including the partners and complete support staff, continues to be the same as that of Lall Lahiri & Salhotra.

With a rich legacy of 35 years, our firm is today one of the most distinguished and recognized law firms in India. We strongly believe that our success has been made possible by our stellar team and trusting clients. Over the years we have developed a unique skill set specialized around prosecution, enforcement and litigation of IP rights in India, as well as several other jurisdictions, offering reliable legal counsel to both national and international clients. Our approach to every case is business-centric, and we are well aware of the risks of adopting a one-size-fits-all methodology to protecting IP assets. Our erudite team of attorneys, patent agents, scientific and engineering experts, life sciences experts, transactional attorneys and company secretaries together bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to the table. Our team has also played a crucial role in some of the country’s avant-garde IP cases, earning a reputation for fresh thinking and proactive action. We have represented close to 100 Fortune Global 500 companies. We also work with multinational companies, private companies, government organizations, public-sector undertakings and non-profit educational societies.

Having an experienced and proficient team of around 55 lawyers, nine partners and a support staff of around 110 in two locations, Rahul Chaudhry & Partners is swiftly expanding to become one of the foremost legal advisory practices in the country.

Rahul Chaudhry, the managing partner of the firm, is one of the most prominent litigators and legal advisers in India. With a reputation for winning some of the most pitched courtroom battles, Rahul Chaudhry is highly regarded for his legal expertise and business acumen, and is the key contact for some of the biggest businesses all over the world.

The firm was a winner of India Business Law Journal’s 2017-18 Indian Law Firm Awards in the category of intellectual property protection.

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Copyright Act amendments to have far-reaching effects

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New Delhi
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