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Samvad Partners

Total number of professionals: 75 (13 partners)
Offices: Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi

Key practice areas: Banking & finance, corporate governance, mergers & acquisitions, private equity & venture capital, real estate, dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration and litigation), employment, insolvency and intellectual property.

Our services: Samvad Partners is a full-service corporate law firm committed to providing innovative and quality legal advice, maintaining the highest levels of professional integrity and nurturing our lawyers in an environment that motivates them to achieve the highest standards. The majority of our partners have a rich mix of domestic and international experience, having worked in international financial centres, including Hong Kong, London, New York and Singapore.

Our commercially savvy lawyers regularly lead corporate transactions (domestic and cross-border) and complex disputes across a variety of industries. Please email us at for a list of our matters in any particular category.


事务所简介:Samvad Partners是一家提供全方位公司法服务的律师事务所,致力于提供创新和高质量的法律服务,保持最高水平的专业操守,并在激励律师达到最高标准的环境培养我们的律师。我们大部分的合伙人都拥有丰富的国内和国际经验,在香港、伦敦、纽约和新加坡等国际金融中心工作。



事務所概要:Samvad Partnersは、革新的かつ質の高い法的アドバイスを提供すること、専門家としての最高水準の高潔さを維持すること、および最高基準を達成する意欲を起こさせる環境で弁護士を育成することに尽力している、総合的なサービスの法人向け法律事務所です。私たちのパートナーの大半は、香港、ロンドン、ニューヨーク、シンガポールを含む、国際金融センターでの業務経験があり、国内外における豊富な各種経験を有しています。


주요 업무 분야: 은행 및 금융, 기업 지배 구조, M & A, 사모 펀드 및 벤처 캐피탈, 부동산, 분쟁 해결 (중재, 중재 및 소송), 고용, 파산 및 지적 재산.

회사개요: Samvad Partner는 혁신적이고 수준 높은 법률 자문 서비스를 제공하고 최고 수준의 전문 무결성을 유지하며 변호사를 육성하여 최고 수준을 달성하도록 동기를 부여하는 풀 서비스 기업 법률 회이다.. 당사 파트너의 대다수는 홍콩, 런던, 뉴욕 및 싱가포르를 포함한 국제 금융 센터에서 일하면서 국내외 경험이 풍부하다. 당사의 상업 상 잘 아는 변호사들은 정기적으로 기업 거래 (국내 및 국가 간)와 다양한 산업 분야의 복잡한 분쟁을 담당한다. 특정 카테고리의 문제에 대한 목록은 이메일expert@samvadpartners.com으로 보내면 된다.

Natasha-Mahajan-and-Neeraj-Vyas-Samvad-Partners - 副本

#MeToo: Investors must champion cultural change

By Natasha Mahajan and Neeraj Vyas, Samvad Partners
The #MeToo movement has snowballed into one of the largest social movements against sexual harassment at the work place, claiming several high-profile CEOs, directors...

Clarifications awaited on changes to SBO regime

By Aparna Ravi and Surabhi Rao, Samvad Partners
On 13 June 2018, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), released the Companies (Significant Beneficial Ownership) Rules, 2018. The rules, along with amendments to...

Share swaps: Taking the cashless route in M&A

By Ashwini Vittalachar and Gauri Khanna, Samvad Partners
Acquisitions, especially by mid to late stage companies having significant venture capital or private equity investments, have recently increased. These acquisitions have usually been...

Angel tax exemption: Is there a real benefit?

By Nivedita Nivargi and Bhadra Menon, Samvad Partners
The government introduced the Startup India Action Plan on 16 January 2016, in an effort to boost the startup ecosystem and promote ease of...

Promoter-investor disputes may be solved by mediation

By Ekta Bahl, Samvad Partners
Startups, early-stage and even growth-stage companies seek investors with capital, experience and connections to help fuel their business, while investors hope for an exit...


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Harish Narasappa


Harish Narasappa


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