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Singh & Associates

Founder – Manoj K Singh, Advocates and Solicitors

Total number of professionals: 115 (9 partners)
Principal office: Delhi-NCR (New Delhi, Gurugram)
Other offices: Mumbai, Bengaluru

Our services: Singh & Associates, Founder – Manoj K. Singh, Advocates and Solicitors is an ISO 9001:2015 certified full-service law firm with offices at New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The Firm also has associate offices in various parts of the country and is well equipped to assist its clients on a pan-India basis.

The Firm has four major Practice Groups viz., Litigation and ADR, Contracts and Transactions, Corporate, Insolvency and Tax, and Intellectual Property.

Over the years, the Firm has created its own niche nationally as well as internationally by providing quality legal services accompanied with excellent turnaround time and competitive fees. With an aim to provide a comprehensive array of services to both domestic and International clientele, the Firm has strong team of professionals including experienced lawyers (with in-house advocacy expertise), chartered accountants, company secretaries, trademark attorneys, patent agents, engineers and specialized paralegal staff.

S&A has been a proud recipient of numerous awards for its outstanding professional services. Manoj K Singh, our Founding Partner, has been recognized as Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year by Indian Legal Awards 2019, Legal Era. He has featured as Recognized Practitioner – Dispute Resolution by Chambers and Partners, 2019. He is also among Top 5 Dispute Resolution Lawyers of the Year by India Law Awards 2019, Asian Legal Business, and Thomson Reuters.


Singh & Associates, Founder – Manoj K. Singh, Advocates and Solicitors律师事务所是一家通过ISO 9001:2015认证、提供全方位服务的律师事务所,在新德里、古鲁葛拉姆、孟买和班加罗尔均设有办公室。Singh & Associates律师事务所还在全国许多地区拥有合作办公室,可以很好地帮助泛印度地区的客户。

Singh & Associates律师事务所拥有四个主要的业务团队:诉讼和争议解决团队、合同和交易团队、公司法团队、破产和税务团队,以及知识产权团队。

多年以来,Singh & Associates律师事务所通过提供高质量的法律服务、快速的反应时间以及具有竞争力的费用已经在国内和国际市场上占据一席之地。为了向国内和国际客户提供全方位的服务,Singh & Associates律师事务所拥有强大的专业人士团队,包括经验丰富的律师(以及法务顾问专业能力)、注册会计师、公司秘书、商标律师、专利代理、工程师和专业的律师助理。

S&A律师事务所因其出色的专业服务获得了许多奖项。我们的创始合伙人Manoj K Singh被评为Indian Legal Awards 2019, Legal Era年度争议解决律师。他被2019年钱伯斯评为争议解决领域的公认律师。他还位列India Law Awards 2019、亚洲法律杂志和汤森路透评为年度争议解决律师前五名。


Singh & Associates, Founder – Manoj K. Singh, Advocates and Solicitorsは、ニューデリー、グルグラム、ムンバイおよびバンガロールにオフィスを構える、ISO 9001:2015認証を受けた総合的サービスを提供する法律事務所です。当事務所はまた、国内各地にアソシエートオフィスを有し、全インドでクライアントを支援する能力を備えています。

当事務所は、訴訟・ADR(裁判外紛争解決手続き)、契約・取引、法人・倒産・税金、および知的財産という、 4つの主要な業務グループを有します。


S&Aは、極めて優れた専門サービスに対する多数の賞を受賞していることを誇りに思っています。ファウンディングパートナーであるManoj K Singhは、Legal EraのIndian Legal Awards 2019により、Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Yearとして認められました。Singhは、 2019年のChambers and PartnersによるDispute Resolution分野のRecognized Practitionerを獲得しました。また、Asian Legal BusinessおよびThomson ReutersのIndia Law Awards 2019 により、Dispute Resolution Lawyers of the Yearの上位5人にも選ばれています。


Singh & Associates, Founder – Manoj K. Singh, Advocates and Solicitors는 ISO9001:2015 풀서비스를 제공하는 공인 법률회사로 뉴델리, 뭄바이 및 벵갈루루에 사무실이 있습니다. 회사는 또한 인도의 여러 지역에 제휴 사무실이 있으며 인도 전체에서 고객을 지원할 수 있습니다.

회사는 소송 및 ADR, 계약 및 거래, 기업, 지급불능 및 조세, 지식재산권과 같은 네 가지 주요 실무 그룹을 보유하고 있습니다.

회사는 수년 동안 탁월한 처리 기간과 경쟁력 있는 수수료로 양질의 법률 서비스를 제공함으로 국내외에서 자체 틈새시장을 조성하였습니다. 회사는 국내외 고객 모두에게 포괄적인 서비스를 제공하는 것을 목표로 경험이 풍부한 변호사(사내 변호 전문가), 공인회계사, 회사 비서, 상표 변호사, 특허 대리인, 엔지니어 및 전문 법률 사무 보조원을 포함하는 강력한 전문가팀을 보유하고 있습니다.

S&A는 탁월한 전문 서비스로 수많은 상을 받은 바 있습니다. 창립 파트너인 Manoj K Singh씨는 Legal Era, 2019년 인도 법률상에서 올해의 분쟁 해결 변호사로 선정되었습니다. 그는 또한 India Law Awards 2019, Asian Legal Business 및 Thomson Reuters가 선정한 상위 5명의 분쟁 해결 변호사 중 한 명입니다.

Recent judicial approach to the hot news doctrine

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Guidelines proposed for biotechnology patents

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US case breaks ground for copyright in social media

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A patent seeker’s guide to divisional applications

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Legality of services related to broadcast of live events

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The tremendous growth in the sports industry and sports viewership across the globe has led to a growing integration between the law and sports....

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