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India Business Law Journal - May 2009

Volume 2, Issue 10



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In this issue

Survival of the fittest

Indian Business Law Journal investigates how Indian law firms are faring in the downturn
Protecting your intellectual property portfolios

Making your mark

Smart strategies to protect and enhance your IP portfolio

Freedom of speech and the right to privacy

By Rahul Chaudhry, Lall Lahiri & Salhotra

New roadmap for foreign banks in India?

By Sonali Sharma and Suprio Bose, Juris Corp

Investment opportunities in US financial services assets

By Waajid Siddiqui and Hewan Teshome, Hogan & Hartson

Applicability of fringe benefit tax to liaison offices in India

By Sumes Dewan and Shradha Puri, KR Chawla & Co

Overview shows trend to extend broadcasters’ rights

By Abhai Pandey, Lex Orbis IP Practice

Analysing restrictions on the transfer of shares

By Harry Chawla and Chandrasekhar Tampi, Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co

The perils of patent outsourcing

Innovators and law firms that outsource their patent drafting risk falling foul of US export regulations

Rebuilding corporate India

Law firms are retooling to cash in on a wave of restructuring and refinancing work

Proposed amendments to the Land Acquisition Act

By Akshay Jaitly, Shailendra Kumar Singh and Anuja Tiwari, Trilegal

Lack of protection for whistleblowers in India

India's lack of protection for whistleblowers leaves it vulnerable to fraud

Give teeth to the audit committees

By Priti Suri, PSA, Legal Counsellors

Competition Commission faces multiple tasks

By Ravi Singhania and Sunil Kumar, Singhania & Partners

Innovation in outsourcing should be a joint effort

By TS Sharat, Clairvolex Knowledge Processes