India’s 9/11


Dear Madam,

Our hearts and minds go out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.

These acts perpetrated by the terrorists are simply mindless and do not seek to achieve anything except to inflict unnecessary pain and anguish on many innocent lives, people who have done nothing wrong to deserve this cruel outcome.

Not only have the terrorists murdered innocent people but they have also left hundreds and hundreds of families and friends with the prospect of living the remainder of their lives without their loved ones – children without mothers or fathers, parents who have to bury their children, husbands without their wives and wives without their husbands. This is extremely sad and tragic.

Words cannot describe the pain, confusion and anger felt by many surrounding this tragedy in Mumbai. Some have said that this is India’s 9/11, comparing it to the incomprehensible terrorist act in New York several years ago.

From the most advanced nation of this world to the world’s largest democracy, no one seems to be immune to the vile acts perpetrated by terrorists.

The citizens of the world need to unite against these evil forces and voice their strong protest against such acts, wherever and whenever they arise.

Instead of violence, there needs to be a healthy respect and understanding of people’s different beliefs and culture.

There needs to be a social contract with all stakeholders that violence is not the solution but open and honest dialogue is.

Our prayers are with all of you during this time of mourning.

Andrew Ong SC
Vice-President, Markets Legal
Nokia Corporation

On behalf of the Nokia
Legal Team