Legal training is of crucial importance


Dear Editor,

I read the article on the prospects for lawyers from India’s middle and lower-rung law schools (No prizes for second place, October 2018 issue) with interest. I was struck by the fact that young lawyers – fresh out of law school – who join in-house legal teams have similar struggles. The fact is they are often thrown in at the deep end and are expected to review and advise on contracts etc., without any training by the company, or explanation of the business and its expectations.

Training is the need of the day for both law firms as well as in-house legal teams. While good training can help fresh law graduates learn the nuances of right research and drafting of legal provisions, appropriate training imparted by companies will help employers get the most out of their in-house legal teams.

Times have changed and in-house lawyers – especially when they are fresh out of law school – cannot be expected to understand the underlying commercial aspects of every area they advise on. Therefore, it is important for companies to spend some effort and time on providing freshly minted lawyers who join their in-house team with an understanding of the business. This would be in the best interest of both the companies in question and the young lawyers who join them.


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