LEXport partner pens comic on GST

Srinivas Kotni and his animated creation, the GST Man

The managing partner of LEXport, Srinivas Kotni, has released a comic book titled Adventures of the GST Man with the goal of simplifying taxation, a subject that is seen as complex and off-putting for lay people. “Simplifying things is harder, complicating them is easier,” Kotni told India Business Law Journal. “If the understanding is there, the compliance will be there.”

The 140-page book is illustrated in comic book form and takes readers on a journey, introducing changes to the country’s tax regime with the titular GST Man. “When we were students, complex documents looked unappealing but comic books were easier to read. It’s the same with grown-ups. The end goal is to disseminate knowledge and help people understand the goods and services (GST) tax. Nothing is better than the visual medium.”

Kotni took more than a year to complete the book. But writing was not the time-consuming part and neither were the subsequent updates to GST once it was introduced. “[GST] conceptually remains the same. The changes were made on the transactional and procedural levels. I don’t think the book needs any revisions in that sense. Editing and creating the illustrations took time.”

The book launch took place at Symbiosis Law School in March and was attended by about 450 people, including judges, senior advocates, general counsel and students. Kotni has more than 24 years’ experience in trade and indirect taxation laws.

Prior to founding LEXport in 2000, he worked at Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan as a consultant and attorney for five years. LEXport is a full-service law firm with around 20 associates and offices in New Delhi and Bengaluru.