Rajiv Luthra (right) with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan

Luthra & Luthra has rebranded to L&L Partners as part of a decision to make the firm more representative of its partners.

“The decision to change the name to L&L Partners was taken to represent and give each of our current and future partners their rightful place in the name of the firm,” Mohit Saraf, senior partner at L&L Partners, told India Business Law Journal.

“Luthra & Luthra has significantly grown as a partnership, from a few handful young lawyers to a roster of over 300 legal practitioners including 70 partners. Over 25 years ago, the firm was founded with a vision to create a full-service law firm with a collegial and meritocratic ethos. Taking this vision forward, the partners have reimagined the firm to be an institution that is larger than the sum of its parts.”

The rebranding also includes the new guiding star logo – a stylized green pentagram. The new name and logo were unveiled at the firm’s annual event in Delhi by founder and managing partner Rajiv Luthra and leading Bollywood actor Aamir Khan.

Luthra & Luthra is a well-known name among clients and the legal industry. Saraf said the rebranding would not result in the firm needing to create familiarity for the new name. “Since most of our clients already know us as L&L, the name change was never a concern. We are in fact very confident that people who work with us will be able to relate to this evolutionary change and the people who know of us will want to know us better.”

The process involved internal discussions, market research, competitor analysis, and an evaluation of the external and internal perception of the firm.